Thursday, 14 January 2016


Last Autumn the knitting charity group I belong to decided to have a collaborative challenge. It was for the group to make as many hats as possible and to try and donate them locally to save on postage costs.

We were absolutely amazed, delighted and thrilled to have a final total of 2,471 items. How brilliant is that?

I am having one problem .... I can't stop knitting hats! Addictive, easy, versatile and necessary. From soft premature baby size to cosy ones big enough for Seaman. Now I know the patterns off by heart they just keep pooping off the needles.


Sometimes when your Mojo has gone AWOL or you need something which you can do on a dreary afternoon whilst watching a film. Knitting a hat totally fits the clicketty bill.

In case you want to make some here are some of the patterns I use.

The Seamans Mission are always in need of the large hats and there is free postage to them which helps with keeping all your pennies for more yarn.

You can find out about this wonderful organisation here..



For baby hats look no further than all the wonderful patterns here....

Or if you are a member of Ravelry here....

I can not recommend Mariannas patterns highly enough. They are easy to follow, delightful to know and charming to behold.

And if sadness crosses your path and someone you know needs Chemotherapy how wonderful to be able to knit a hat to show how much you care. This pattern is freely given by Marianna .


So, it's heads for me. Perhaps you know of a homeless person struggling? Perhaps you know of a premature baby? Perhaps you know of an elderly person worrying about heating bills? A hat would fit the bill.



  1. Gorgeous collection of hats! I made 10 of them to send to the poor babies of Brazil. I might make some to send to the refugees that Betsy is knitting mittens for. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love knitting too, especially when watching a film
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. What an amazing donation by you and by your local group, that is wonderful isn't it. A great job very well done! xx

  4. Amazing how many hats can be knitted when a group get together that is a great achievement.

  5. That final total number of hats is amazing - well done!

  6. What a great collection of hats, thanks for the info about free postage to the Seaman's mission. This winter I've knitted hats for a local homeless shelter and for a local women's refuge. Would it be possible to make the hat pattern you posted available in a larger font, I just can't read the type face on your picture & would love to give the patterns a go. Happy knitting, Vee x

  7. You have been busy!! Love the little matching cardigans!


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