Monday, 9 February 2015

Have you seen the Nutribullet! A review here at Chalky's,

I had a Nutibullet for Christmas and I LOVE IT!

Now in my time I have owned a fair few kitchen gadgets. I am not a hoarder and some that have not lived up to expectations have gone to Charity shops. Some have been gifted forwards and some I have loved from the first time I used them and they have passed the test of time!

I have a very uncluttered kitchen. Very few things stay out on my work top,but the Nutribullet has not moved since Christmas Day and it's not going to. We have used it every day since and we are learning new tips,techniques,recipes and ways to make it even more special.

Here we have it. The powerful base plate. 3 jugs for making the concoctions! Two blades. One for blitzing fruits and vegetables and one for milling oats,cereals and seeds. I have only used the 4 pronged one so far.

Handy lids mean you can store your drinks in the fridge or take it with you to work or an outing.

The handbooks are concise and clear and very informative.... Did you know that you should never blitz apple seeds because the give off a chemical similar to cyanide?

I sometimes am very guilty of not reading manuals. I was so glad I read this one!!


Natures Bounty!

These are some of the ingredients I have tried in the Nutribullet so far.

It recommends that 50% should be green leaves .

You can not even taste the spinach but I certainly am glad I am able to introduce a rainbow coloured selection of fruits and leaves into our diet every day.

The Nutribullet has a powerful action which makes smooth drinks in about 20 seconds. No fiddling about shaking it or having to open it up and redistribute the contents. Unlike other juicers or processors I have tried.

I actually think the concoctions you could make are only limited by your imagination.But frozen purple sprouting Brocoli and Lettuce have not scored highly!

I wondered if it would be an expensive journey, but to be honest we have found that actually you could consider it a way to save money. By this I mean we have used every bit of fruit that we have bought. We enjoy our drinks cold so we sliced the pineapple the day we bought it and popped it in the freezer. Added to the Nutribullet it acts like ice and makes a nice cool drink. Spotty bananas taste better blended than eaten and overripe apples etc are just fine.Blackberries that I picked last Autumn make a wonderful addition.


Add in some so called " Super Foods."

You could argue all day about the placebo effect etc,etc. All I know is a little bit of what you fancy does you good. During these cold,dark days of winter the idea of rainbow coloured drinks has had a positive impact on our days. Instead of feeling like a commercially produced sugar hit,the natural sweetness of the fruit is a welcome boost.

Thinking of rainbow colours led me to blitzing roasted red peppers. Pop them in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes with a thin coating of Olive Oil. The skins slide off which was a relief. And these pointy ones were so reasonably priced in Lidls

Blitz away and within a few seconds the world is you'd pepper. Cheffy spreads on white plates. Bases for soups. Spread on pittas. We have enjoyed them so much

The same happens with frozen peas. Add some good Olive oil,lemon juice,garlic and Parmesan and spread on toasted Baguette. Delicious !

So here we have it. My first ever review. I wonder if you have Nutribullet and feel equally enthusiastic?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I found Elmer! And a Giveaway.

It has been 2 years since I added one square to my BIG blanket. The last time I wrote about it was in March 2013

I have been aware of its quiet murmurings and it's cheeky winks as I have been working on a plethora of other projects. I have made different blankets..... All much smaller. I have finished my first Applique quilt full of Monster Fun for William. But I have not added one square to the big blanket I started all that time ago.

Yesterday I decided to bring it out of hiding. My daughter was here and she helped me see its beauty all over again.



We laid it on the king size bed. We talked colours,patterns and crochet details but most of all we counted.I can not believe that although it is probably 80% finished. That might not include the border. But despite all those hooky stitches we reckon there is at least another 300 squares to do!!

I made a start last night and sewed on some which have been patiently waiting! Luckily when I got up this morning and looked into the sun streaked room I felt uplifted. I felt enthusiastic and after all this time I felt ready to finish my Elmer blanket.

In the first instance it could take a while and in the second it is definitely going to be a " one off " I am totally in awe of folks who crochet BIG blankets. I think the next time I blog about it will be the " Tah Dah "moment.

Could you help me keep going by estimating the date of that special post. And the nearest to it will get a Giveaway prize. It won't be the blanket though!! I think it will feel like a group hug and knowing their is an expectation,a selection of dates, and an end result maybe my hook will be 'smokin!"

As always a huge Thank You for such a wonderful response to my post about Reading. I found all your responses so encouraging and rewarding.