Monday, 19 October 2015



Firstly, Thank you so much for such a lovely welcome back to Blogging. It was heart warming and encouraging. Life continues to be hectic here but I hope everything soon calms down, some balance is restored and I stop fretting in the deep, dark recesses of the middle of the night!

On the upside we have been awaiting the arrival of our nephew,his wife and their two little ones Oliver and Ava from America. Ben met Sarah,fell in love moved to America and now have 2 little children.Such a happy story. But of course we rarely see them.

Ava was born last February and she us such a happy, pretty little girl and growing so fast.

We haven't met her at all yet and not seen Oliver since he was six months old. So, no wonder we are looking forward to seeing them later today!

When Oliver was born I crocheted him a blanket . I wanted to make something different for Ava and asked her Mummy if she would like a Play Mat! A resounding "yes" came across the pond.

So, here we have it already for sweet little Ava!

All tucked up in a bag of pink!

Backed and cosy.
And six different activity areas for her to enjoy.
First of all a ladybird with a zip hiding the babies!


An apple tree with poppers spelling her name!

A sailing boat with Velcro parts and a jaunty flag.

A dinosaur marble maze and dinosaur buttons.
They have a dog called Maybury and he loves bones too!

And lastly a pretty flower garden with some colour matching fun.

I hope she loves it and it will become a little reminder of her family so far away in the UK.

Have you ever made a play mat or quiet book?

Look no further than Pinterest if you need ideas. It will keep you busy for hours and the hard bit is knowing which ones to choose.

P.S.... Ava loved it!

















  1. Enjoy your visit with your nephew Linda what a lovely little family those kids are so cute. Ava is going to love her play mat it's so thoughtfully put together and will give her hours of pleasure I'm sure. :) xx

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time together and create some wonderful memories to treasure. Love the play mat such a great idea, she is certainly adorable as is her big brother.

  3. Beautiful children! I love the play mat you made. I'm sure it will be used lots and give many hours of pleasure.

  4. Hey Linda,
    What a gorgeous gift. So thoughtful. I loved the ladybirds.
    Leanne xx

  5. That playmat is such a useful gift. It will be used for many years, I am sure.

  6. What a wonderful baby gift! I do hope that you enjoy your visitors a great deal! xx

  7. It's beautiful, Linda! My mother-in-law made one for my son when he was a baby and both of my kids loved it. I hope you have a nice visit with them.

  8. I'm happy for you that you get to see your nephew and his wonderful family! What a delightful and fun play mat you made, no wonder she loves it. Have fun with them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Those kids are so cute! They're both very pretty and I hope they'll grow clever and strong and bring happiness to the whole family! Besides the blanket is very pretty, hope she'll treasure it for a long time!

  10. This looks fab! William always loved the fiddle book one of your friends made him. Such a great idea!


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