Monday, 3 August 2015

The Long and Winding Road. And more than a few bumps!

I totally love people's honesty when they write on blogs. Some of my favourites are not picture perfect,sweet, or full of perfectly posed pictures. I read about the bumps and lumps in their lives.I can almost be in their house. I can empathise as they are dealing with teenagers. I remember being full of self doubt, I have had hardships and battles. But I rarely talk of them........

Sometimes I ask myself " what actually is my Blog here at Chalky's World about?"

Does it actually mean anything significant?

Is it enriching anyone's life?

Is it enriching mine?

I think I have got to a very big crossroads with Blooging. I know many others have too. It's so easy to blog when life spins along happily downhill. But, my goodness it's hard when you find yourself on a steep uphill climb. I never swear... Well not publically,or in print but life has been pretty SH1t around here just lately .

Not sweet Wiilam of course . Our 2 legged alarm clock and all day entertainer was amazing. But enjoying him so much makes " goodbyes " even harder. It will be a long time until we see him again and my goodness he is growing so fast!



I should have sat down with him for this photo he looks almost as big as me!

We miss him,but also his mummy and daddy.


But they are so happy and that is just as it should be.

I see my Grandson and my son rolled into one wonderful bundle here.

So, there we are.

Just a little gap in the family line up for our lovely youngest daughter and her fiancé as they are still sailing the seven seas.



But, someone once said to me "that you are only as happy as your unhappiest child " and my goodness that is so true.Our eldest daughter has a bumpy road to navigate just now!

She is so lovely with a smile that lights up a room.

It's not my story to tell but I just wish she was freewheeling .That would make me so happy.... But let's wait awhile and this time will pass. And until it does I will swear repeatedly under my breath and hope the sun is just behind a cloud!



  1. I can so relate on the happy kid saying. I somehow thought that when they were married and had their own home. Boy was I wrong! Now I have 4 times the people to worry about! I hope things get better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Whether we reflect the rough realities of life in and around us in our blogs, they certainly are there and challenging, and I relate especially to your its not my story to tell part which can be especially hard to wrestle with. I hope your daughter's circumstances can steadily get sorted out and that you all can continue to celebrate the good family times you have had, Linda. xx

  3. Hope there is a big shift in the right direction for your family and all will be well. I don't think you ever stop worrying about them. God bless.

  4. That saying is so true. We are on that bumpy road.
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Hey Linda,
    I enjoy those blogs that allow me the privilege of being with them for the ups and downs of life. I feel so very connected to them. I hope that the story that is not yours to tell, will soon see your daughter in free-wheel mode.
    Leanne xx

  6. I am so sorry that you are having bumps in your life's road. It is so unfair isn't it. I do hope that things will ease and smooth sooner than you can hope for and that all will be well again. It is hard when it isn't your own story to tell isn't it. All good thoughts and lots of hugs to you and yours. xx p.s. wonderful to see how grown up William looks!! xx

  7. you will hold sweet William in your heart, and I hope the bumpier days will come through to easier times for all. A lovely family there! X

  8. I'm sorry to hear that there have been problems lately in your family. I know it will get better and that you'll all soon be able to put the bumps behind you. William is getting so big and looks like such a happy little boy! Thinking of you, Linda.

  9. My goodness but William is indeed sweet and doesn't he look the spitting image of his Daddy. I have an unhappy child too, at the moment so I can totally relate and empathise with you, Linda. I hope the clouds part for all our sad offspring pretty soon.x

  10. That little William isn't so little any more! What a treasure he is.

    I'm so sorry you are going through a rough patch right now. It can be very difficult when those bumps in the road happen to know what, if anything, to say about it on one's blog. I have been dealing with this myself. My second oldest son is going through a marriage break-up that has left our whole family feeling incredibly sad. I didn't want to talk about it on my blog, and even if I had wanted to, as you say, it wasn't my story to tell. But a part of me felt dishonest not saying anything since a big part of my blog is about family. In the end I just alluded to it and quietly changed the picture of him in my side bar. For a couple weeks I considered just stopping blogging altogether, but in the end decided that blogging gives me joy, so am sticking with it for now. I hope you are able to find an answer that is right for you about your blog, and that you are able to support your daughter through whatever it is she is going through. Hugs to you...

  11. Hope things pick up soon for your daughter. I am blessed to have 4 lovely children all but grown up now. Eldest will be 23 later this month and youngest is moving into final year at school. The rest are at uni locally so still live at home as they didn't want to rack up even bigger student loans. But I probably worry about them just as much as when they were babies even more so perhaps. I guess it goes with being a mum!

    William is becoming quite a young man isn't he.


  12. I can understand how you feel, Linda. This year has been our own 'Annus Horribilis' -some days I wonder how I get out of bed and get on with life, but one day (ONE DAY) things will start to improve, I hope.
    All I can do is send Big Hugs to you and your family - and let you know that others are thinking of you. :-)

  13. I've been absent throughout much of the summer, and am still catching up with people through their blogs. I've only just caught up with your happenings and read this post of two months ago. I do hope you are still reading comments. I can understand how difficult you are finding living far from your son and his family. It's most difficult when there are little ones growing up and you feel you're missing so much. My brother lives far from me (the other side of Canada) and he has two little boys that I don't get to watch as they grow and grow and grow! They visit us about once a year and I really miss them all and I understand how you feel there. You have a beautiful family Linda. Sometimes you just can't help the ones you want to help the most, and they have to find their own way. All you can do is let them know that you always love them no matter what, and that you're there for them if they ever want to accept your help. I don't think we ever stop worrying about our kids. I do hope your daughter comes through her troubles eventually and is able to have happiness around her (and you) again. Big hugs to you, take care and hopefully we'll see you back here at peace again soon. Wendy x

  14. Oh Yes!!! I know that one particular saying is SO SO TRUE."You are only as happy as Your most unhappy child."Many of Us Mothers suffer from this condition and all of Us can only pray it doesn't last or get worse.I have 4 daughters.Oh boy, Yes, I know the pain.I turn to God and plead for each Daughter's happiness and wholeness.It's so true though that We can help eachother through this strange land called blogging. He cares for Our cares.May Gods blessings pour down on You and Your troubled Daughter (....and I claim the same blessings for all My Daughters)Hugs Denise

    1. I send all those good wishes and intentions back to you xxx


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