Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What a shame!

My joy of witnessing my peonies flowering yesterday has turned to dismay today. April showers have crept into May and the wind is blowing in a crazy fashion. I wish I had picked them all and brought them indoors!

I am trying to get a bit more savvy about uploading videos! If anyone has any tips when blogging with Blogsy please do not be afraid to hold my hand and tell me how to do it! It all looks a bit cloak and dagger with padlocks on board!


  1. Thats the trouble with our weather you wait all year for a lovely show and then along comes the wind and rain and they are ruined in minutes but at least you have a lovely photo to remember them by, as for the video thing I don't have a clue, I do now have an ipad but am still getting used to it I will have to look into Blogsy you must be an expert by now. :) xx

  2. My Peonies are still in bud. Hopefully, they'll remain so until the high winds which are forecast for tomorrow, abate! Can't help with the video, I'm afraid.

  3. When I am writing a new post, there are various buttons along the top. One of them looks like a film clapper board. If you hover over that you will see the words "Insert a video". I have only ever uploaded a video once, but it all seemed very easy at the time.

    As for the wind.....grrr...I have been lovingly growing veg from seed and planted some out yesterday. The wind has already killed a very healthy courgette plant. Sob!

  4. My cherry blossom is all over the lawn. :( Such a shame - we look forward to the beautiful blooms and the weather can take them away in moments. On the plus side, they will be back next year! x

  5. The weather has been dreadful here as well. It's such a pity about your peony as it was really lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished blanket.

  6. Such a shame about your pretty peonies!


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