Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My loudest ever " TAH DAH!" My Elmer blanket is finished!

When I held my babies in my arms I could not believe thet were mine,complete and perfect. Now,of course finishing a blanket, no matter how big can't be compared. But, I am smiling from ear to ear. I can't quite believe my BIG blanket journey is over.

I have just had a little backwards look through my blog. I think I started my journey with my Elmer blanket about five years ago. It has spent a long time rammed in a drawer. I have sighed over it, regretted its commencement and despaired that I would ever finish it. I have disliked it, thought to give it away, and generally been in total awe of people who make BIG blankets.

But,I have had a big blanket supporter or two. Andy has always loved it and has wanted it on our bed right from the beginning. And he is totally right. You can not walk into the bedroom and not be cheered up by the riot of colour that greets you. My eldest daughter has helped me so much with colours and words of encouragement.

And last week as I made my final stitch I could not believe I had finished it! I thought I would want to blog about it instantly but actually I wanted to see it,smooth it, get to know it, understand it.

It looks even to my eyes, amazing. It feels wonderful. My angst about " Madonna" type bumpy squares was unfounded. It lies like a colourful journey of experiences. When I had my babies I wanted just to look at them before I shared them and that's how it's been with this blanket. I am grinning as I type. It really was a big deal for me to get to this stage. To overcome my misgivings and fall in love.


So here we have it. My Elmer " Tah Dah!"

On our bed.


On the Lawn so that I could get an aerial view.



And rolled like the best,cuddliest sausage ever!


I have never bothered with stats before but as I draw the Elmer story to a close I did wonder about a few things!

  1. There are 810 squares. That's 1620 ends to sew in.
  2. Each square has 120 stitches. So not including the border that is over 97,000 stitches.
  3. Each square took me about five minutes to make so not counting the joining,border or sewing in those ends that took me over 67 hours,
  4. It measures 8'6" x 7'6". Or 260 x 230 cms.

It weighs three and a half kilograms. So that is 35 x 100 gram balls of Stylecraft yarn.


Sadly since I started it Stylecraft has gone from £1.00 to £1.85 in my local wool shop but it certainly fits the bill perfectly.

The strangest thing is after adamantly declaring this journey is never to be repeated, I found myself thinking about another Elmer blanket the other day......... But, I don't think so. Anyway before anything else I must look back and find the lovely follower who predicted when I would finish it and get a special Giveaway underway to her.

And talking of followers I see I am nearly at the 250 mark. What a thrill. Thank you to followers " old " and new. I love your comments,friendship and encouragement so much.


  1. Congratulations Linda! I know that feeling and be prepared to feel a bit lost because I did for a while. I love the bright happy colours it looks amazing and it doesn't matter how long it took you finished it in the end and that's all that matters. I fancy making a hexagon one to use up my bits and pieces and joining as I go it would be an ongoing project and could even take a decade haha fancy joining me. :) xx

  2. Wow! Well done you! Your blanket is stunning, and I can certainly understand why you have wanted to spend some time just admiring it before blogging about it.

  3. Stunning! I'm just contemplating a blanket for my bed! I think style craft will be the only affordable option but just looking at some others - just in case. X

  4. It looks amazing, I love the bright colours and will certainly make you smile every time you see it. A great achievement.

  5. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on finishing that big huge wonderful colorful blanket! I agree it does look amazing on your bed.. bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hey Lynda,
    Magnificent! I saw it on ig, but your Elmer blanket looks even more glorious here. I applaud your hard work and commitment.
    Leanne xx

  7. That is something to be proud and happy about. The colours are exactly "Elmer". I used to love those books.

  8. That is something to be proud and happy about. The colours are exactly "Elmer". I used to love those books.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the colors and the size! It looks fabulous on the bed. Well done!

  10. You call that a big blanket?! I call that enormous!! And so bright and happy too! Congratulations on finishing this work of art at long last. I can tell that you are thrilled to pieces to have it finished. I am in awe of YOU for getting this all done. It looks amazing! You have inspired me to think about knitting a blanket myself ... one day ;)

  11. Superb work Linda, well done.
    I love the edging finishes it off so nicely.
    Hope you and the family are well.
    Love Sue x

  12. Yay! It looks terrific, Linda. You did a great job with it and well done for sticking with it too. I owe you an email, which I'll get to soon. Thank you for your kind words.

  13. Yay! Well done. It is AMAZING! So beautiful and like a fabulous warm rainbow for your bed XOX

  14. YeeHaw! and well done! It's a beautiful finish!

  15. Congratulations, love your GORGEOUS colourful bedspread. Wishing it was on our bed.

  16. Amazing blanket, really huge!....such a journey. So sweet Andy wanted it too. X

  17. Your blanket is amazing - beautiful colours and totally gorgeous. Even at £1.85 you're getting the Stylecraft yarn much cheaper than where I live.

  18. What a triumph! I can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this! I would have hated sewing in all those ends! The blanket looks great! Bet you are pleased you ploughed on with it now!

  19. Thank you all for all your lovely supportive comments xxx

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