Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Little bit of comfort!

Andy and I have had to say our " goodbyes" to our much loved and treasured parents. The time will never be right and losing the people you care so much about is so hard. Your life is never the same again and the top step of the generational ladder seems a cold and draughty place at times.

Cherished memories help ease the pain and so does the fact that they never suffered from Dementia or Alzheimer's. We said our final farewell to the people we knew and thankfully they knew us too,to the end. Such a comfort.

We did however watch friends having to say their " goodbyes " long before their parents died. Such a cruel, heartbreaking situation when Dementia robs you of the parents you have loved for so long.

This week I saw this link on good old Facebook and it galvanised me into action.



I love quick projects and I am having a well deserved break from crochet for a few days. So out came the sewing machine and a baby blanket soon became three " Twiddle squares" Actually the fleece was a nightmare to cut and the room was covered in fleecy snow. But it's softness and squishiness makes up for it.




I also have a pile of crochet squares. I was waiting for a Grand daughter to be born. I thought of making the props for the "Princess and the Pea " Fairy Story. But, on reflection it is a story all about a high maintenance, spoilt, self centred girl. So, I have been looking for a way of using them up and " Tah Dah!" what a better use. Anyway there does not seem to be a baby on my horizon at present so better to use them up for such a worthwhile cause.

I have firmly machine stitched over every piece of ribbon,back stitched over every little twiddly bit and tucked in some cellophane card pockets to add a gentle noise. I hope they help someone and I am sending two of these to a friend who visits a home in her area where the suffering of people with Dementia is so apparent and makes her sad every time she visits. I will await her feedback with interest and I am going to send the others to help with the NHS plea.

If anyone has any good ideas about what to add for interest on these please shout.

Finally my peonies are broken and bedraggled. And my long awaited shout,scream,cry,celebration about Elmer has to wait for a sunny day. But, hopefully not long now. A Giveaway for the closest guess concerning the happy day of its completion will be underway.

Your kind comments about Buster are lovely. He is not liking this wet and windy weather either!


Maybe he needs a "Twiddlemuff " to take his mind off his tea time !!!!



  1. strips of valcro bottom totally anchored the top only anchored at one end with a ribbon loop pull tab - that would make a lovely noise, zips that lead to nowhere but the do zip up and down........ The other one I used was the bead snake .... bead sewn into channels - you can push the bead around the square of cloth will see if I can find a picture for you LInda. I hope you have a great review and then you can sew to your hearts delight. xx

  2. There are such a good idea and am sure will be much used.

  3. A great idea Linda they will be well received and used. Jean has some good ideas there, it's lovely how you jump into action when you hear of a good cause :) xx

  4. Such a kind thing to do. x

  5. I hadn't heard of twiddlemuffs, but I'm sure yours will be well received with the little extras and doodads. What about jingle bells (if they're not too noisy) or stretchy bits that pop back in shape, maybe a hand puppet attached, or bead strings (as in a rosary). I think squiggly bits in funky yarns would be nice and textural, or a marble with a knitted cover attached by a knitted string? Maybe attaching squishable balls for working the fingers? Or a knitted design of a tic-tac-toe board and attached men/chips with velcro for playing tic-tac-toe? I'm sure you'll get lots neat ideas.


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