Friday, 27 March 2015

Chasing a Butterfly!

I am only chasing a butterfly metaphorically speaking of course. I am trying very hard not to think about it,but,a week today we shall be in Dubai visiting our son,his wife and Sweet William.

Of course we Skype them often. He manages to change his clothes twice during each call generally. I love that so much. How a child's mind can be just like a butterfly. Slipping from pirate to cowboy in a second!

My IPad is full to overflowing with pictures if him as he has grown and developed.
This was his first Fancy Dress outfit for a party. They were still living in a North Devon then. The cutest pirate ever!
So grown up last Christmas.
And isn't it just the best thing on Christmas Day to pause a while and read a story to Captain Hook!!

So, I am trying not to think about how wonderful it is going to be to wake up each morning and spend three whole weeks there. Reading,pretending,playing,watching him play football and cheering his efforts as he learns to swim. I can't wait.

But, just for now I am trying to stop my tummy doing somersaults of excitement. I am trying to calm my butterfly mind. And it's working.

Preparing packs of fruit for the freezer to use in the Nutribullet when we return home. You certainly need never throw away any fruit .Perfect.

We had our eldest daughter for a meal last night and the Pavalova with an Easter theme was just perfect!


And Mary Berry's recipe needed Lemon Curd. An added bonus was that the recipe gave enough to make a yummy jar for another time.

Chocolate and fruit makes a winning Combo!

I got my sewing machine out the other day and made some Appliqué cards.

It blunts the needle but I love the effect these blues create. I keep that needle tucked away for the next stitchy card efforts.

And cute birds and Beach Huts.

I have been making these cute sweet Bootees with my small balls of yarn lately. They are really welcomed at Hannah's .

"Rabbit Big Feet " was a whisker away from the bin when I found him abandoned after a winter in the garden.
He looks like new but I can feel a story coming on about his nibbled ear!

And probably the most calming activity of all. Walking on beautiful Dartmoor. It was cold and chilly but yet so beautiful. Being near water always calms me.

We love keeping up with our youngest daughters escapades in the USA .

And to end, an Update on my BIG Elmer blanket. Sigh! Phew! Keep on keeping on! I have 6 squares to make before I start on the border. I have to work with it in situ now. It's hard on the knees I can tell you!
The light at the end if the finishing tunnel is definitely on!
And, if I really am stuck and need to find something quiet and meditative to keep my mind occupied it's staring at me .
Ends to sew in by the zillions.

So, my lovely Bloggy followers I am going to say "Toodle Pip,See you later,Au Revoir, Hasta Luego." And a massive " Thank You" for taking the time to leave all your lovely comments. They make my tummy somersault as well.... But in a nice way.

I will take a little break now to concentrate my efforts on my family afar and hope to see you here at Chalky's when we get back. I think that border will be finished in super quick time when I am trying to get over leaving them behind.









  1. Exciting times, hope you have a wonderful time creating some great memories to treasure. Safe trip.

  2. Yes, Mama typed it well, Linda! I will be imagining you making more great memories....and getting lots of loose ends woven in your fabulous blanket :-) xx

  3. Have a fantastic time - I'm sure you will! :) x

  4. Have a fantabulous trip - I know you will - and give little William a hug from your friend in Oregon, USA.. will you? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hey Linda,
    Have a wonderful time away with your family. Will we still see you on instagram?
    Leanne xx

  6. have a lovely time! the pavlova was amazing! X

  7. You're so busy, Linda! Your blanket is looking good and what a gorgeous, picture-perfect pavlova. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

  8. I'm so happy for you, Linda, that you'll soon have some special time with sweet William! I hope Rabbit Big Feet gets his ear op soon, the poor little fellow. I look forward to reading the story.........

  9. Have a fabulous time Linda. :) xxx

  10. Your blanket looks wonderful! I hope that you have an amazing time away! xx


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