Friday, 2 January 2015

My first " Tah Dah" of 2015.

Happy New Year to everyone who pops in to my little bit of Blogland. Perhaps you stop for just for a moment,browse for a while or leave kind and supportive comments. I appreciate each and every one of you.

A New Year has come into our lives gently and with little angst.We had a lovely family meal with Andy's sister, her husband and my sister in law. It was full of delicious food,not too much wine and good conversation.

Since then I have been finishing my "Dartmoor dreaming" blanket for the dear little baby due in a few weeks time.

I love it. And I love my husband who looks at each blanket and says something very encouraging .

This time "I think that's my favourite yet! "

I think he has probably forgotten many of the others !

It's a perfect size for swaddling or tucking around little legs on cold January days.

The hues are warming and will brighten grey clouds and moorland mist.
My favourite Picot edging adds a little full stop to the edging but takes nothing away from the gentle rippling chevrons.

So "Tah Dah" and " phew" it's all ready and will soon be tucked in a bag with some other home made baby bits.

My first completed project of 2015.

Talking of 2015 I have been mulling New Year words in my head. And rather than a resolution the word EMBRACE keeps resonating in my mind. I have whispered it in my waking hours and dreamt of it in my sleeping.

I want to embrace every moment. I want to embrace my life and all it's aspects. I want to embrace other people's opinions. I want to embrace change. Most of all I want my family,friends and loved ones to know I embrace them with every breath I take.

I am mulling over a complete de cluttering of my blog..... We shall see.

I am so seriously useless at the technical aspects of it all I shall probably delete it rather than make it spruce and spick and span for 2015.







  1. Beautiful blanket Linda. And did you know that the two men in the photo both have a starry halo?! Happy new year x Jane

  2. Such a beautiful blanket I am sure it ill be well received. Wishing you a happy new year.

  3. You are so good at starting and then directly completing your projects - impressive!

  4. The blanket is absolutely lovely. Just the thing for this time of year.


  5. That's a cuddly, love-filled blanket. I really like the colours.

  6. Dartmoor Dreaming is lovely and so is the name!! Definitely the best blanket name I have heard of!! I hope that you have a great year embracing all that it brings to you! xx

  7. Another pretty blanket, I not only admire but appreciate the speed of your productivity, Linda. I am cheering you on with whatever you are planning for your blog and so sympathize with your challenge in facing the computer technical issues. xx

  8. It's beautiful moorland blanket, such a nice idea. A soft warm blanket will be so appreciated I'm sure. Embrace is a lovely word. I think you would be very good at this!....If you play around with your blog, remember you can back up the template and also the blog. Just don't press delete! Good luck X

    1. Oh my goodness... That gives me the heebie jeebies as I am a last master at that delete button. Perhaps I need just to fiddle rather than EMBRACE a complete change

  9. Beautiful blanket Linda it will be well received and much loved I am sure, the colours are pure Devon, your work is as always perfect, and I wonder would it be destined for the lovely family we met at your home early last year?
    Love Anne xx

  10. Just found your lovely blog and stunning creations,LOVE this blanket,must have taken a while to make,Gorgeous design and colours.Don't change anything it's fab the way it is.LOVE the teddy pic at the top,I have made loads of similare Teds in my time,they do make me smil.Happy Crafting.x

  11. Gorgeous blanket - just love the colours.

  12. Hey Linda,
    I raise a glass to your health and happiness in 2015!
    And a sincere thank you for the card that I received from you. It was very much appreciated.
    Leanne xx


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