Saturday, 17 January 2015

Donning my Nurses Uniform!

Andy had a knee operation this week so I have donned my Nurses uniform and am acting as chief Gopher,cook and bottle washer.
Lots of sitting down and resting going on with the patient . So I am keeping him company or otherwise he will not be following instructions and being inactive until we see the Physio on Tuesday.
Lots of word games,crosswords and code breakers going on.
But,as always my first love ... Some " Happy Hooking!"
Inspired by Lucy at Attic 24 Valentines garland I decided to make one totally out of hearts.
A quick and easy whimsical project which I will take into Hannah's for their Vslentine inspired window display.
I also bought this wool from Hobbycraft. It's Women's Institute Soft and Silky yarn.
10p from every ball sold goes to swell the WI funds.
Lovely,lovely zingy colours to actually make a flower wreath.

Lucy's creations always hit the mark and I love this combination of flowers and hearts.

I wonder if you are planning to make anything for Valentines Day.

There are lots of love and cuddles needed here at Chalky's just now .




  1. Hope your husband is up and about soon. To be honest I haven't thought about Valentines day yet...maybe a garland for the mantel.

  2. Hope your husband gets better soon, staying still is hard. Love, Love Love the flower one.

  3. Sorry to hear about Andy's knee. He's in good hands under your care, for sure. All my best wishes to you both. X

  4. Hope Andy's knee is healing well. Like the heart garland... hadnt thought of Valentines day either yet. Might have to get william making some Valentines things!

  5. I hope that Andy is all well and back up and doing all sorts again very soon. I love your heart wreath! So pretty!!! You are clever! xx

  6. Your heart wreath is so cute, Linda. That was clever to make it out of hearts instead of flowers. I hope Andy is recovered and feeling well again very soon.

  7. Hope that Andy recovers he enjoying being nursed? Love your heart garland and those yarns are so pretty! X

  8. Get well soon Andy! Valentines Day comes and goes around here, I'm afraid. My husband doesn't go in for that sort of thing, and so over the years I've given up trying to coax him into the spirit of it all. Your garland is lovely.
    Leanne xx

  9. I hope Andy feels better soon. My knee is sore and I'm dreading having to have it operated on at some stage. Love your crocheting and the new yarn.

  10. Oh, I'd missed this post! I know how Andy must be feeling after his knee operation, and hope he progresses well and heals quickly. Two months after my op I am driving, walking without support or a limp, and the knee is coming along well. I hope Andy has the same good results! I'm sure with your sweet attentive nursing it'll happen.

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