Monday, 15 December 2014

Promotion to head of Artistic Operations.

Now, I know I am lucky. Andy, upon retirement did not follow his Dads example. Dad retired and Mum kept on just as before.... He never thought he should help clean,wash,cook,shop or anything else like that. I am sure it was a generational thing. He proudly boasted he had never,ever changed a nappy. He had many other talents and everyone loved him but domesticated ... NO!

So last week amongst the Christmas list writing,present wrapping,cooking etc Andy looked up and said

" If there is anything you want me to do just ask!"

So this morning I did.

We overlook the churchyard from the back of our house and of course a lot of our family are buried there.




Some,sadly, before their time. I hate putting flowers on the graves at this time of year. They get frosted or rain soaked and brown .And I am not that keen on wreaths.

So, for the last few years I have been gathering greenery and making fresh bouquets.

I asked Andy if he would make them this year and my goodness me he worked so hard outside in the garden. Picking,trimming,arranging and tying. They were absolutely perfect and whilst it was dry we took them over to the graveyard and just sent our love to our wonderful family members who are no longer able to share our Christmas hours with us.

There was even enough left over to pop in a jug for the windowsill.

Well. I am definitely promoting Andy to head of Artistic Operations. It was so lovely to see him creating something for us to give with love. We even remembered to tuck in sprigs of Rosemary for Remembrance.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Gifts from the Chalky kitchen.

Love Linda








  1. What a good man!
    My dad only learnt to cook and hoover when his wife had a back operation and couldn't do anything for a few weeks. Dad was surprised how much he enjoyed it - and still does the hovering, and prepares all the veg. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!! :) x

  2. Can I borrow him for his artistic talents..............?
    My husband is domesticated, although only cooking is a no no with him, but he does a lot of other things including changing a nappy, but artistic talents is not one of them!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Good job, husband! Now that he's offered to help, you might want to give him more responsibility.. like doing the dishes! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. How wonderful, a lovely thing to do for friends and family no longer around.

  5. Lovely that you could do this together! xx

  6. What a lovely thing to do. Andy is a very special and talented man indeed. I can't believe how green it looks at the cemetery, I'd never guess you took that photo in December.

  7. What a kind and caring man and very talented. He definitely deserves his promotion.

  8. Linda
    Thank you so much for the card. It was so lovely, and I really appreciate it.
    This is a wonderful post.
    Leanne xx

  9. This is a really nice idea. The grave yard where my mother is buried clears away all flowers, wreaths, etc. every week, and they don't allow you to put artificial flowers/wreaths down. It discourages me from wanting to put anything on my mother's grave. I like these little posies of greenery though. How kind of your husband to create these little beauties. I think your church graveyard looks beatuiful, and these posies will look perfect. Enjoy your week. Wendy x

  10. The bouquets are lovely and a great idea for your relatives graves. Andy did a great job of them and how nice that he made an arrangement for the house too! xx

  11. You were right to ask and Andy made a wonderful job of the arranging. My husband did much the same sort of thing for me last weekend. Picking greenery and arranging it very artistically.


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