Monday, 10 November 2014

Tiptoeing back to Blogland!

We seem to have been racing at a breakneck speed through this Autumn with celebratory days. But now as the gentle dawn awoke me this morning I realised I could lie in bed and give thanks for a new day and not have to worry about anyone else.... The whole little house here in Spain sounded as if it had a tiny puncture ..... pffffff .... shhhhh ....and the air was just sighing.

I went to Yoga and practiced my brick like postures. Lots more gentle breathing and calming thoughts. And then to top it all off I had a Shiatsu massage from a dear friend. It felt like a feather of peace was slowly weaving its way downwards from my crown to my heart.

I am just going to do more of these gentle pursuits for a few days.

I am going to sit and read more than a few pages of this great book.


Dream of fabrics,India, and Kashmir.

Eat simple food.

Scrambled eggs always fit the bill for me.


And this healthy,hearty soup full of vegetables makes the perfect anecdote to the rich food we have been eating of late!

Give it a try. So easy,healthy and delicous.


And, I need to think about a new project.
I would love to try these .. But need to be full of energy to attempt a new technique.

Tablet weaving.

There are lots of sites on You Tube if you would love to give this a try.

And in the back of my mind That Christmas word is stirring.

These stars look like fun.

But, also I am going to catch up with all the lovely blogs I follow. I have missed your news,your photos,your lives. So, if you see some tiptoeing footprints across your words you will know its me tiptoeing back in.




  1. The soup looked delicious, perfect for this time of year. I thought the stars were inspirational, again perfect for the time of year.

  2. Welcome back. Your ways of relaxing sound great to me! I'll be making scrambled eggs soon - using some of our own eggs as we have quite a lot.

  3. Hi Linda, it's nice to see you. All of these things sound good to me! My mother-in-law does weaving like that, I think it's called inkle weaving sometimes? I have a few rolls of woven strips that she has made. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I was thinking sewing them on as trim on some of my daughter's clothes.

  4. Hi Linda your relaxation idea's sound very good to me especially the massage. I will look up the recipe it looks yummy and scrambled eggs are always good. Those stars look interesting could they be a frivolous Friday project maybe. :)

  5. Hey Linda,
    Does all the above count as slowing down?! I like the idea of the massage very much. My knotted shoulders could do with it. Lovely to see you.
    Leanne xx

  6. It is lovely to see your toes appearing! I hope that you are enjoying your time to relax before you get all busy with Christmas. xx

  7. It's good to see your toes again!!!!! And easy does it my friend, we are allowed too just slowly breath out and take a moment or two!!! You certainly deserve it after all your hard work!!! Love the look of that beautiful star, think I might give it a try!!! Have a beautiful slow and happy week!!!

  8. What a lovely lot of comments to wake up to this morning. Thank you for all your welcoming and encouraging comments. Definitely easy ,easy over here.


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