Friday, 14 November 2014

Tips! They work for me! Could you join in?

Tip number 1

I was thinking the other day as I was making my home made yogurt how much I love cooking at home. A friend was in the kitchen chatting and she watched with interest as I carefully warmed the milk and then put it to one side to reach blood heat to start the culture. I initially use one shop bought pot and mix it with a litre of milk and that makes just over a litre of home made yummy yogurt. Perfect for adding to my fruit and cereals at breakfast time and also in sauces or dips.


She laughed and said " But you are using UHT milk. There is no need to boil that at all." Well what a brilliant tip. All that time saved. We only use UHT milk in Spain but I am going to buy it specially for yogurt making in the UK.


Tip number 2.

Anyone who follows life here at Chalky's must be aware of my love of yarn. I like to keep it organised and ready to use. And here in Spain Andy converted the garage into a Craft Room for me. Amazing I know and it has proved to be the perfect cosy place when the football is on!!

My days with the " littlies" is so obvious here with everything in boxes. But I love this basket I bought in a market in France and I keep my favourite colour palette in here.


I had a bar of soap which smelled delicous and I dropped it in the basket. It is so lovely to have a waft of sweet smelling soap when I pull out a ball of wool.



Tip number 3.

Spend some time/ hours and hours getting to know Pinterest. I bet you do already. But I wanted to make some home made Christmas cards for friends and neighbours here. And I loved this simple idea.

Just perfect as they will think of me and my love of crafting when they open the envelope.

Button love. What could be better!




Tip number 4.

Have Crafty friends. I have met the most creative,lovely friend here. Look at these cuties she is making.

She will fill some with cacti. Some with herbs and some with sweets. I just love them.





And Tip number 5 .

Keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities. Of course Christmas is getting closer but I try not to rush or panic.

I keep my eyes open and try to spot things that really match the person rather than buying a random present or worse still something I like rather than thinking what they would like. A huge difference there!

Well of course one of the people I love buying for is young William. He had his first riding lesson the other day on a horse called Prince. Actually I think he looks like a little Prince too.




And this morning at our local market I was delighted when I saw these. Perfect for a budding cowboy. They will be tucked away ready for his stocking on Christmas morning. Could be " Yee Haa " all day !



I would love it if anyone wanted to join in with this ideas of 5 useful tips. Please blog about yours and link back here to mine. We could spread some great ideas around Blogland.

I am so glad I dipped my toes back into Blogkand. I was thinking maybe I was going to dry them off and pop my blog away. But,it's only when I resume posting that I realise how much I would miss it and you all if I were to stop.

So Thank You for making me feel like that. Communicating is so important in this world of ours and friends are even more so!



  1. Some great tips, I love the card quick and easy, I am a big fan of buttons.

  2. I also think the buttons cards are a brilliant idea. Those cowboy shorts are perfect.

  3. Love those button cards ...brill tip! Can I find time to make some...I must ! :-)
    Your grand-son looks delighted to be on top of that great big horse. He doesn't look a bit afraid. Beautiful snapshot!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  4. Lovely tips, thanks for sharing - I'm also in love with the button cards!! The soap in the yarn basket also really appeals :)

  5. I love your blog! It's so fun to be "friends" with someone overseas. Thanks for keepin' on!

  6. What a clever card-making idea. I will file the idea away to use in the future! Thank you. x

  7. Linda! Thanks for sharing the clever ideas. I appreciate so much your generous heart, and all you accomplish! xx

  8. I just *LOVE* the idea of the button cards! I make my own cards each year and this is a great idea!! I'm glad that you came back to blogging. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Some simple tips, which are usually the best! I too put soap in my knitting basket, and can actually smell lavender soap right now as it sits beside me ... love that. And now William has entered horse heaven! You will find no end of horse-themed things for kids, let me tell you from one who has a horse crazy daughter ;) Love the briefs! I miss chatting with everyone when I'm away from blogs too Linda, so it's nice to see you'll be hanging around for a little longer. Enjoy your weekend! Wendy x (ps HUGELY jealous of a converted garage to craft room!!!!)

  10. Great tips, especially the Christmas Cards, thanks so much for sharing.

    And please don't mothball your blog, I would really miss it!


  11. These are great tips! Your Christmas cards are lovely, and you are so right about finding friends who like to craft.

  12. Those Christmas cards are so lovely.

  13. Your five tips are great, and I really like your Christmas cards, so simple and yet so effective too! xx

  14. Nice tips! Thanks for sharing.


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