Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cutting cactus!

I have come to love cactii and succulents so much since we have spent time in our little Spanish house. Their patience and fortitude fills me with gratitude.

They wait patiently for water and they endure the blistering heat. Our garden here is so,so different than the one we love in the UK. But, I still get the same pleasure from walking around daily and seeing how things have changed,grown and developed.

Simple pleasures that I love. When we have been back in the UK for many months I often wonder how the plants will be. And one of my rituals on our return to Spain is to walk around our little garden and terraces as soon as we return.

Here were some of the things I saw this morning.

First a little wander around the back terrace with the sun trying to shine weakly through the clouds.

I have grown nearly all the ones in these pictures from small plants people have given to us.

Our newest cacti looking resplendent on the tiles.

This one in the Moroccan fountain is a climber and I am hoping to train it up the Yucca nearby.
Gorgeous verdant green.
And a relative with gentle maroon leaf tips.
I tried herbs in this little box but they did not survive the temperatures at all.
So this trio soon took up residence.



And then a wander in the front garden. Just this year we took out a very old lemon tree and a crazy Jasmine that thought it was a triffid in a sweet smelling disguise!



A new bed in the corner. And here it is so easy to see how forgiving these amazing plants are . The Cathedral cactus ( because they remind me of organ pipes in a Cathedral) on the left was a broken stump when we put it in and just since May it has been on a mission not to be left behind in the race to the sky.
It is clear to see these three have loved coming out of the pot they were in and going into the stony ground.the darker green growth is just what has happened this summer. And it's been a hot one!


And I love the different textures,colours and architectural shapes in this little group.


My nursery pot. Where I tuck in baby plants and hope they grow.


And sometimes it works so well.

This beauty started as a tiny, tiny offshoot.


I am always on the lookout for unusual containers and these are my latest. An old bicycle basket put beside the rubbish bins and a strawberry box making me remember the juicy fruits of summer on the market. The Yukka fronds are just baby ones from the big Yukkas on the back terrace. I just pop them in compost and give them some Reiki!

I just love the spotty appearance of this little cacti. And one new part is in the shape of a heart!

And after rain I always make a move to the garden early because magical raindrop jewels will have tucked themselves in amongst the fleshy leaves.


This morning as I was wandering and perusing I noticed one sad little pot.

Patiently waiting but confined in far too small a pot. I think this little feller will soon become about eight new cacti plants. But, my goodness some serious preparation is needed before I start on that job.

Thick gloves,cutlery and some new pots. And plenty of time with the tweezers afterwards because no matter how hard I try a prickle always seems to find its way into a new home in my thumb.

The only downside of cacti I can think of!

I hope you gave enjoyed a prickly, succulent wander with me this morning.

Love Linda x




  1. Your cacti and succulents look lovely - very healthy. Those prickles are wicked!

  2. What a wonderful stroll around your garden. It is beautiful, the plants are a delight and perfect for all that sun you get over there.

  3. Love your cacti, miss having them. We grew many when we lived in California, but they don't do well here in the humidity.

  4. They are all so beautiful! And so very different than what I am surrounded with here in the coastal rainforest of British Columbia.

  5. Love your cacti garden!!!! Stunning view!!!!!!!! Have a happy and relaxing weekend!!!

  6. I enjoyed seeing all your different cacti and succulents and they certainly look healthy. Love the one with the yellow flowers.

  7. You are one lucky girl to get to spend a half year in Spain and the other half in the UK. I love all your cacti, especially the one with the flowers. I have 4 Christmas cactus on my kitchen counter which I'm going to re-pot all together in one big pot tomorrow. I aDORE your plant nursery! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. What a gorgeous garden - it must be lovely to have such different gardens to tend. x

  9. I loved wandering through your garden this morning, Linda. Amazing what varied shapes and colours the cacti have. Watch out for those prickles.

  10. Thank you everyone. I was finding it hard to get my blogging shoes back on but your lovely comments make it so worthwhile x x x

  11. They all look so happy in your garden and patio area, it obviously suits them well! They have grown a lot since you shared when you planted them earlier in the year haven't they. xx


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