Saturday, 22 November 2014


Sewing is a great love of mine. But, no matter how hard I try gremlins often come into my sewing space uninvited.

My eldest daughter loves cuddly pyjama bottoms. Cuddly,warm,soothing and soft. Her favourite pair came to pieces when she was staying with us a little while back.



So, I thought how hard can making a pair of pyjamas be? Surely not hard. So, I set to work carefully unpicking the well loved pair to use as a pattern.




I ironed them flat and carefully pinned them on some new material and thought I was on a definite roll!

Ok, I worked with the door closed. The Gremlins were not invited in!

I even tacked them carefully together and thought I just had to get the sewing machine out to finish them off!

But, as it folded them up I thought they looked a bit small. But how could they be?

Well my daughter and I are more or less the same size.

Umm . Well the gremlins must have moved the pieces because no matter how I tried to pretend they were fine. They are not!!! Too small,too skimpy too underwhelming. What a shame . I am going to finish them and pop them into the Charity shop here. I hope a size eight pyjama lover walks by .



Bottoms! Bottoms!! Bottoms!!!


  1. Aw that's a shame Linda it's just typical isn't it but never mind someone else will benefit. You have a very pretty daughter and she looks just like her Mum. :) xx

  2. I wonder how that happened?? I do hope you try again and make her some snuggly jammie bottoms. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a good effort, Linda...a blessing for someone! xx

  4. Oh Linda! So unfair!!! I hope that you have another go sometime and that they work out to be the right size. I am sure that your first pair are lovely though and someone will be very happy with them!! xx

  5. Oh dear! That's a shame but someone will benefit from them. And you can always have another go. What happened? Did you not allow for the seam when cutting out?


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