Thursday, 30 October 2014

Already the idea of the Blanket of Hope is feeling full of positivity.

I promised an update about my " Blanket of Hope" and this is a happy post.

The idea of this blanket for Fund Raising to help the abused women and children working in the horticultural industry in Almeria came from the Treasure Hunt stalls that are often to be found at fetes.


William is very much into pirates,treasure maps and the suchlike so I think they have been on my mind too!

He is growing so fast and wants a pirate cake for his 3rd birthday. I shall enjoy making that special cake when he arrives home on his actual birthday from Dubai for Christmas! I can't wait to see this cheeky smile and have a cuddle!

It's hard to believe how fast he is growing!


Anyway as you can see he is very close to my mind. This post was supposed to be about the blanket!


I cut out 25 pieces of card. I numbered them from 1 to 25. I then attached one to every square.



My yoga teacher chose the winning number and it was tucked away in an envelope to be opened when all the squares have been sold for 1 Euro each.


I always worry about bothering people for money but I have been brave and also overwhelmed by the support I have received already. Everyone sees it as a brilliant fund raising idea and really they really want to support such a worthwhile cause. The blanket is receiving lots of admiration too. So it's a winning combination on all counts.

I added a little silk bag to pop in all the Euros and it is filling up nicely.


And I have not even been to my next a Yoga lesson yet!

And added to that little bag I have been incredibly touched by the generosity of friends I have made here in Blogland and my online knitting thread. 13 Euros have been sent to me via Paypal already and 25 Dollars donated to the Red Cross in honour of this appeal to help abused women and children.

I am a very happy lady just now.

Thank you for every kind word of encouragement and penny sent.

I ,of course will update you all again soon.

Love Linda x x x




  1. Well done, you are a very kind and hard working lady. x

  2. I knew it would be a success!!!!!! Have a happy weekend!!!

  3. Well done you are a very generous and thoughtful lady.

  4. That's great news Linda and William is a sweetie. :) xx

  5. The blanket is very pretty, and you are so sweet to be doing this. I can't figure out how to do the paypal thing though. Maybe you can explain it in case there are others like me who can't figure it out.

  6. I was inspired by you to make the donation to the Red Cross.. you are the best!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Dear Mari.... Thank you so much for trying to get to grips with the Paypal. If you have a PayPal account yourself you can send money to someone else by using their email address. If you look on the top bar it sats send money... And that should be it. Please fe rack to me if this advice is not helpful enough x

  8. Once again, you are demonstrating the power of one - well done, lovely Linda.
    Happy weekend,

  9. Gosh William really does look so grown up doesn't he. I hope that the rest of the squares sell very quickly, I am sure that they will, this is a great way to raise some money and a fabulous use for the blanket too! xx

  10. Lovely post, Linda! William is looking so big!

  11. That's really great. No wonder you are pleased.


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