Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What I have shared and learnt this September.

I vividly remember my upbringing. It was far from perfect but my goodness it has equipped me well for life.

I look back and realise that as I was making my way through my early years I learnt so much. Not necessarily in a prescriptive way. Because the freedom I was given meant I had to make decisions early on. One of those decisions involved what to do with my time. There was plenty of it in the 50's. We did not even have a TV until I was 11. One of the greatest lessons was that you soon realised that you gained nothing by moaning or whining. Such miserable behaviour was totally ignored. In fact in many ways I think my brothers and I were often ignored. Very much loved but expected to get on with things. Not at meal times,bath time or bedtime but for most of the day we were expected to have a plan ! A plan which involved entertaining ourselves and keeping out of the way!!


And in my adult years I have come to realise that my brothers and I live like that. We always seem to have a "plan." All kinds of plans. But we are never bored . And this has been so true this September. This project to " Share a Shirt" has been brilliant. I have loved having a focus. It has been fun and rewarding. And whilst I have been sewing I have been thinking.


Questions... Can 1 person really make a difference?



Is such a small contribution going to be any more than a drop in the ocean?



Of course I do not know the answers to these questions, and others that have been whirling around in my head. But I have not been alone. I have not been the only person dropping goodness into this ocean of humanity of ours. Help has come in so many ways. Friends have been inspired by the idea of sharing goodness this September. Shirts have popped onto my mat, friends have delivered them, people have sent pennies to buy thread and pillow pads. Zips have arrived and mandalas worked. Friends have cut out fabric,made labels and tea! And the sweetest little gifts have been sent just for me!

And I have enjoyed every minute. The charity shops have been delighted with the parcels arriving. One day I was waiting to give my Gift Aid Card with my last delivery and I heard people talking about the little handmade things I had delivered the week before. The lady in the shop agreed it was lovely to see "Hand Crafted " goods made from such pretty materials and I was thrilled when she declared " they have been selling like hot cakes!


So, I do believe 1 person can make a difference and if that 1 person is supported by a network of loving people that circle of goodness will grow and grow.


So, "Thank You " one and all for your support,encouraging comments and gifts of love. September is coming to a close but I shall tuck away all the pieces of beautiful fabric until the next challenge. Who knows it could be January Joy, June gladness or another September Challenge.

There is only one real question left to ponder on. What shall I make with this beautiful shirt. Every time I hover close by with the scissors I look at it and think it too pretty to cut. But, something inspirational will come one day. Until then it is still complete. Completely beautiful.



And as Autumn marches forwards the same Charity shop was talking about changing its window display.
I could not resist making these little hedgies for the shop yesterday.
I tucked them on a bed of leaves and popped in some nuts ready for their long winter sleep.

A perfect way to end this September.



  1. Yes - one person can make a change and you are an inspiration!
    I think your hedgehogs are adorable.

  2. I agree with Mari one person can make a difference and you certainly did. I too loved the hedgehogs perfect for this time of year.

  3. You are an inspiration, one person can make such a big difference.

    I love the hedgies, how did you make them?


  4. You definitely made a difference. I'm also coming around to the idea of making things and giving them to a charity shop instead of wasting money on postage. That will be more money to spend on wool!!

  5. I can't believe that September is nearly over already it doesn't seem 5 minutes since you said you were going to do this, you have done brilliantly Linda well done and yes of course one person can make a difference you have surely proved that. Just think of the pleasure the customers are going to get with with the lovely things they have bought too.. It's a win win situation, I love the hedgies!, you are a very creative lady my dear, now you go and enjoy your holiday because you have certainly earned it, have a fabulous time. xxx

  6. What an inspiration you are to all of us, dear Linda!!!!! You are proof of what just one person can do!!! No matter how big or small, there is always a difference that can be made!!!!! And how adorable are those little hedgies!!!!!!!!! Have a fab weekend filled with love and happiness!!!!!!!!

  7. One person can most certainly make a difference. Think of the knock on effect your handmade items have had on that charity shop. Well done you! Have a lovely holiday. You'll no doubt come back inspired and ready to start new challenge. Love the hedgehogs :-)

  8. One person can definitely make a difference, sometimes just to one other person and sometimes to many. You've made a wonderful difference Linda, not just with what you've made but by inspiring other people to do a little something. One thing is certain, you can't make a difference doing nothing at all!
    Love the hedgehogs!

  9. You have made a difference.
    I know what you mean about taking scissor to something pretty..........How about a little girls dress........
    Julie zzzzzzzzzz

  10. Your kindness of spirit makes a difference to every person you touch my dear friend.

  11. Well done you Linda!!! Love the hedgies! xx

  12. See? You have made a difference to everyone who has joined in in any way with your September challenge. Can 1 person make a difference? Ask the young mother who was able to buy her little baby something special from one of the shops you support or the elderly lady on a pension who was able to purchase a blanket for snuggling under on those chilly evenings. You certainly made a difference to them. You made a difference to the shop-- for whichever charity they support and for brightening the day of workers there. We know not how any kindness, however small, can blossom and spread. Let's infect everyone! Thank you Linda for being that 1.

  13. Thank you all so much for such wonderfully supportive comments. They mean a great deal to me every day xxxx love Linda

  14. What an amazing load of goodies you have delivered to the charity shops! I am sure they are so pleased with it and you have made a real difference. Nice to have a month spent on a certain project! Well done! X


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