Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The postman came knocking !! Day 3 of Share a Shirt!

The postman knocked this morning. And gave me a parcel. I think he is going to be busy. And there was a gorgeous shirt from Una. Thank you so much it's totally perfect.





I can squeeze a back panel out of a large shirt plus about 40 squares. Amazing. Oh! And a little extra bonus is the pile of buttons.




So, zooming along and blending the squares and my sixth cushion is complete.


Here you can see that the back panel blending beautifully and I actually like the contrast between the patchwork side and plainer.


I took my first bag of goodies into the Red Cross Shop this morning and they were delighted and very interested in the labels and the idea behind " Made with Love @1 Can Make A Difference. So, that was a lovely conversation. Now, I am just finishing off the second bag which will go to Oxfam when I go to town next. I have realised that the nearest Save the Children Charity Shop is in Totnes.

Totnes is nicknamed Narnia. Very apt. It is the most eclectic place I have ever visited. It is about 6 miles from us and one of my favourite places to visit. Yarn and material abound plus a lovely market full of paraphenalia to tempt. If ever you find yourself in the South Hams in Devon you must go.

This picture was on Facebook about Totnes yesterday and they are the only town in the Country to persuade Costa Coffee not to come even though they had planning permission granted for a new shop. It is a town so proud of the fact that it is full of independent traders and shops. A real feat in this day and age.


Before I go I would like to say a huge welcome to my new followers and thank each and every one if you for all the support you so generously give me here at Chalky's .


So that's it for Day 3 here in " Shirt Land"






  1. Your newest cushion looks great! That town sounds like a fun place to visit. Have a great day!

  2. I am playing "catchup" with you and many others but so love your pillow and the plaids. I need to find out what "share a shirt" is all about and your charities.

  3. I am amazed the amount of fabric that comes from a shirt, you are doing a sterling job the cushion is a delight.

  4. You rock. You are doing wonderful things and inviting us to participate, I think you're amazing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You are making a positive difference, Linda! And thanks for the intro. to Totnes. It sounds like an interesting location to explore! xx

  6. I can't believe how quickly you made that! The stripes work well with the checks. I can see students and other young people loving the vintage style of your creations.

  7. The cushion looks great.
    Is that sign still there 'Narnia' at Totnes, haven't been for a while!
    Julie xxxxx

  8. Another lovely cushion. You're getting on really well and I'm sure the charities are/will be really pleased to get them. Totnes sounds like a place I'd like to visit.

  9. You are doing well! The cushion is lovely. xx

  10. Love that new cushion! Madras, stripes and plaid.......who knew they'd go together so well? Hope the shirts keep your postman busy....... ;-)

  11. I've been having such a good time reading through your recent posts and seeing all the creative things you've been doing with old shirts. Everything is beautiful! And I love that you are helping others out. :)

  12. I am loving seeing what you are doing with the shirts! Such a lovely thing to do <3 xox


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