Monday, 1 September 2014

The best start!

I always try to be ready for things. I often think looking forward to events to be the best part. That tummy tickling excitement which comes with anticipation.

When I wake ... Usually fairly late,the first thing I do is work out what day it is. Then I think how lucky I am not to work anymore. I spent years racing at a mega rate. Organising three children,a husband on shifts and working full time. The plates spun so fast I never really saw the pattern.

But, no more. As a retired teacher these early September days fill me with joy. No new term.... So, after working out this morning that it was Monday and thinking how lucky I was to be able to stretch out under the loveliest cotton quilt,with a choice. Another five minutes in bed or wander downstairs for a cup of tea.

But, always the first thing. The most important thing. A vote of thanks for my life. The jellybean,colourful life that I am lucky enough to wake to. This practice of making time to make a vote of thanks upon waking and a vote of thanks drifting off to sleep at night,every day over the last nine years of retirement has altered my perspectives on life and living. A perspective which is just better,more heartfelt and totally joyful.


And then the postman dropped a parcel on the doorstep... And who could not be cheered by this parcel.



The lovely Janet, also known as the " Puppet Lady" had found a shirt and sent it in for my challenge . "Share a shirt for September."


It is so joyful and full of fun. Teresa would want it for her Thanksgiving Table!

I am going to have so much fun making things with this shirt.

Watch this Chalky space !



  1. Wow! That's bright. My Hubby donated a shirt to the cause and I posted it today. I'm afraid it is very ordinary compared to this showstopper.

  2. Thank you so much Una... Every shirt will be turned into something special . Contrasts will be great and very welcome to swell the piles if squared. This is so kind if you x

  3. What a fabulous colourful shirt ! :)

  4. I know ... It was made in Oman and going under the knife tomorrow!!!

  5. My shirt will hopefully be mailed tomorrow, Linda. It is dull in comparison to the shirt you show in this post...maybe I better go recheck my closet :-) xx

    1. Thank you so much Gracie. Every shirt is so welcome and I am looking forward to seeing yours so much. I will need every sort I think x

  6. I keep reminding hubby to check for a shirt and he keeps forgetting.. maybe I'll go back there right this minute. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Thank you Teresa.... Perhaps Dayle loves all his shirts x

  8. That would make a great table runner.

  9. What a great shirt for you to use! Really bright and cheerful. I'm so looking forward to being able to retire but it won't be for years yet!!

  10. As a retired teacher I too love my Septembers. I loved teaching and have reconnected with some of my old students via Facebook, but it's so nice to have this time for me.
    Love the shirt colors.

  11. I don't think I've ever seen such a shirt, how fun! I'm so glad you think about the things you're grateful for. I try to do it every day and I'm teaching my children to do the same. I hope they'll want to make it a habit too, I find it very fulfilling.

  12. Oh wow! That is amazing! XOX

  13. That is a fantastic shirt and should make many wonderful things!! xx


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