Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September Days!

I took the second bag of goodies to the Charity Shop today. Lots of things made from the great shirts which are arriving. How lovely is that. I open the packets as they tumble onto the mat and there are beautiful shirts inside. I can promise you they soon go metaphorically " under the knife!"

Lavender bags filled from the lavender in the garden and tied with string.



But, just now nothing is safe from this September gazing. This September thought shifting. As I open the wardrobe door I see something tucked at the back. Well it's being hoofed out and popped in the bag. Forgotten things stashed away are not safe either. Those sale bargains that are actually no use to anyone, are filling up spaces in our cupboards no longer.

A few of the bibs I got a little bit obsessed with a while back!


Pretty Pincushions.
And draw string monster bags for the yummy mummies who have everything.



And today I did not mind being called " that lady" in the sense of "Oh, you are that lady who is donating to us in September!" It was the manageress and she was so delighted. It made my day. Apparently people are asking about the labels which say. Hand Made With Love @ 1 Can Make A Difference.

We had a little chat and she is going to save any plain shirts that come in for the cushion backs. Brilliant. What a result. Working together for a common goal.




  1. So pleased it's going well for you. x

  2. The lavender bags are delightful, I am glad it is all going so well. You certainly do seem to be making a difference.

  3. Of course! What a great idea that the cushion backs can be made from shirts that come into the charity shops.

  4. Wonderful work, and appreciated too by the sound of it. hugs ginny

  5. I'm so happy for you, and for all of those who will be helped by your efforts, that your September project is going so well. :-)

  6. Lovely makes, and such good progress on the Share a Shirt project, Linda. I am celebrating the good progress :) xx

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. They really do inspire and encourage me x x x

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  9. (Oops, I made a type.. trying again) What a neat idea, for the thrift shop to give you shirts so you can make more things for them! I love that! Did you get some materials with my donation? I'd love to know what you got. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi Teresa... Yesterday I bought 10 pillow pads that go inside the cushion and I was really happy to have them as I have a pile of cushion parts ready for the finishing processes. X x x

  10. Hi Linda where can I find your address to send you some supplies ? Nicky fuller

  11. Thank you so much . I have emailed you and really appreciate your generosity.


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