Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Share a Shirt in September. An idea in the making!


Thank you, thank you ,thank you. Your comments have been kind, generous and very encouraging of late. So much so that my mind has had a little idea mulling around for a few days now .

It all started when I was working on those lovely shirts which turned sadness to something happier. Shirts that became bunting,a little drawstring bag and a cuddly cushion. That's when the germ of the idea came. I was using such lovely material and turning something utilitarian into something quite lovely.





Yesterday I talked with my friend about it. She has been away and not seen the things I have made yet. But,when I told her of my plans she was so enthusiastic and happy for it to be based on the crafting I had so happily undertaken for her.

And then I read of Lillian who is beavering away to try and make 1,000 dresses by the time she is hundred. I hope she lives to an even greater age. In my last post I talked of Lillian and how inspiring I found her efforts. I posted about my distress listening and watching the news. I know from your lovely comments that so many of you feel the same.

So, I decided........

Yes. I am only one person. So is Lillian.

Yes, I truly believe that one person can make a difference. 1000 little girls know Lillian has when they put on their pretty dress. Maybe their only one.

Yes, I have the time and the energy. So does Lillian and she is 99!!!

And the greatest " Yes" is if everyone did one thing to make the world a better place maybe, just maybe..

It could become so.



I am going to ask anyone who can, to look in their wardrobe and pick one shirt that they would like to share.

Obviously I am also going to post about this idea on Facebook and some people will hopefully just be able to give me their shirt when they see me.

But dear followers if you would like to join in.

  1. Choose a shirt. The higher cotton content the better. Any colour,any design.
  2. Pop it in an envelope and send it to me . Please email me ( my email can be found on my sidebar) for my address and please enclose your name and email with your shirt so that I can thank you for your kindness in joining in with this idea.
  3. Be assured that I will soon be cutting it up. Stitching it with love and making lots and lots of items for Charity.


I am trying very hard not to get bogged down with some of the people who say that not enough of the money raised in Charity Shops goes to the people who need it most.

I am determined not to get bogged down with some of the thoughts that money raised falls prey to fraud to corruption and other terrible things which we know does happen.


When I go to my Yoga classes the simplest things often move me the most.

A prayer for peace, a hope for humanity.

This September I am going to try every day to make just one difference.


Of course Andy's already chosen his shirt. A bit ahead of time but I wanted to make a start and here we have the results.

The softest cushions.


My wardrobe is missing a blouse too.
However all the darts and shaping only leave enough fabric for these zipped purses.


Daytimes zipping along with the machine and evening time quietly circling.







So, my first little pile is ready to go to the charity shop. But, I am going to spend some time researching which charity donates the most of it's takings to actually relieving the terrible sights which have upset me so much. Because every penny has to count!

Thank you again to my followers who have, probably without their knowledge helped me bring an idea to fruition.

And if you are able to send a shirt you can perhaps enjoy watching its evolution on my future posts right here at Chalky's .

Of course it would be lovely if you can send a shirt. But if not maybe you would like to post a link to this post next time you are giving a chat here in Blogland

Thank you















  1. Wishing you much success in your effort, Linda! xx [I am off to find your email address :-) ]

  2. Thank you so much mamas mercantile and Gracie for you lovely comments x

  3. And thank you for the emails asking for my address already . Such generosity IS going to make a difference. My sewing machine is going to be whirring in September😄

  4. Hello Linda! I've blog hopped over from Amy's after reading her lovely post about the giveaway she received. You are one big-hearted lady, Linda - I would love to help your charity efforts by sending you a shirt! Alison x

    1. Thank you Alison..... That is so kind

  5. Having just chopped up my husbands spare shirts myself (for a quilt in case anyone is worried!) I'm not sure that we have any spare, but as soon as I do, I will let you know Linda as this is a wonderful endeavour on your part and so typical of your kindness and generosity. I wish you well with this and hope that you achieve a great deal, I am sure that you will. xx

    1. Thank you Amy..... A quilt will be lovely I am sure and I am glad you explained that :)

  6. Bless you Linda what a great idea Linda you are such a kind and generous lady, I would be interested to know which charity shops you favour once you have done your research and I may do similar. I have no shirts or blouses in my wardrobe but my lovely baby 25 year old is coming home for a weeks holiday next week and he has said he wants to have a clear out so hopefully I will be able to send you something. Your cushions and mandalas are lovely. :) xx

  7. Thank you Linda.... I will let you know if I find anything definitive. Thank you for your lovely words of support x x x

    1. Nothing totally definitive but I am going to see if I can meet the Manager of our local Red Criss Charity Shop to see if these things could make a difference.i read a lot last night about the fact that what is actually needed is hard cash... And these shops,despite their overheads obviously do generate money which can be directed to the areas with greatest need. Somehow that Red Cross symbolises it all for me.

  8. That's such a lovely idea. I'm on holiday at the moment but will look out a shirt when I get home. Im feeling very inspired myself to do something similar for a local charity in England. My son is autistic and I support our local autism charity as they have helped us a lot.

    1. Thank you so much. I hope the weather is not spoiling your holiday.

  9. Oh dear, I've just cleared out some of my husband's shirts so I don't have any left to send for your venture. Your cushions and mandalas are really lovely.

    1. Gillian thank you for taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Never mind ... I am sure they have probably gone to another good home anyway.

  10. What a generous and wonderful idea. As soon as I am back on my feet, I will sort a shirt or two out for you. I've made a note so I won't forget. Good luck. x

  11. Thank you Sara. That us so kind of you and I hope that you soon feel much better and gain your mobility..... That's not for altruistic reasons😄

  12. What an inspiring idea, Linda - well done you for believing in and making a reality "the power of one". Going to raid the wardrobe now and email you :-)
    Hugs xx

  13. Linda, a wonderful plan to create beauty and spread it through your community! Way to go! if I lived closer, I would send you some fabrics to use.
    This weekend I shall be sorting through my linen closet. We just bought a new queen sized bed for the guest room, and are getting rid of the make-shift double bed our overnight guests had to endure, poor things. Now I can empty the closet of all the double-sized sheets---winter flannelette and summer cotton. They'll be going to our local Salvation Army second-hand shop, just down the road and around the corner. Yes, 1 person can make a difference. Here's to making those differences wonderful! You rock!

  14. I am not sure if I will find shirts or Narnia first in the back of our wardrobes but I am going to brave it and look anyway. ;) xx

  15. Such a wonderful idea and thankyou to Lucy for sharing your blog so I can now enjoy here too xo


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