Sunday, 17 August 2014

And the winner of my surprise Giveaway is...................

Many moons ago I used to put my head on the pillow. The alarm would go off the next morning and I would drag myself out of bed to face a brand new day.

Now.... Life is very different. Some nights I can't drop off. Some nights I wake up an hour later. Some nights I get a solid ... Four hours before I lay awake for ages. I have stopped freezing about it and as long as I don't have a worry on my mind I do quite a lot of creative thinking in these wee hours.

So, last night I thought I would add the digits of my waking time and choose the winner of my giveaway that way.

I woke at 3.16 .So, add those digits together and Amy at Love Made My Home was the nineteenth person to leave a lovely comment.

I am really happy to declare the winner of this fun Giveaway. I hope Amy is able to put the pictures of the Giveaway on her blog and my endeavours will remain a secret for my stockings at Christmastime.


Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun and I hope you are having a lovely weekend.



  1. Congrats to Amy - I am sure she will be thrilled!


  2. How wonderful for Amy, she is having a hard time at the moment so hopefully this will make her smile.

  3. Brilliant! Well done to Amy and well done to you for hosting such a lovely giveaway x Jane

  4. Congratulations to Amy she deserves it, I'm sure she will be thrilled. :)

  5. I've been having more and more nights like that. I often can't get to sleep for hours or after I finally do, I wake up around 1:00 or 2'ish in the morning. It's weird how it's usually around the same time. It can get so frustrating sometimes. Other times, I'm finding myself just getting up and trying to make use of the time, like you. I just worry about making noise that will wake others in the house. Usually, I go back to bed after a couple of hours and get a bit more sleep. I wonder what causes it. Congrats to the winner! I like how you picked the winning number. :-)

    1. Ha ha ... I know it's absolutely crazy. I OFTEN see 3.09. How can that be. I am going to keep a sleep Bingo card by my bed and tick off the times. Maybe we need to set up a Words with Friends Game to play in the middle if the night!

  6. Sorry to hear that you are not sleeping well Linda, I hope that it passes when the weather gets cooler and that you can have a good nights sleep. It has certainly made for a fun way to work out your giveaway winner. Thank you therefore for choosing me, although I am a bit sorry too as it meant that you were up in the night! I will drop you an e-mail. xx

  7. Congrats to Amy, and I hope your sleep pattern rights itself again soon.

  8. I have given up worrying about my sleep patterns. years ago when I taught full time I used to listen to two of my friends who were older than me discussing a play they had listened to in the middle of the night. I scoffed... They said " you wait" and wakefulness in the wee hours is now a total part of my life. I may got one undisturbed night in three weeks ! Sometimes I gave my most creative thoughts at thus time.i forget them by the morning of course:)

  9. Congrats Amy!
    I too have the sleep issues. Usually it's not being able to fall asleep, so, if I'm still awake after an hour, I get up and make an herbal tea and either stitch or tat for an hour or so. Then, once I go back to bed, I can sometimes go right off to sleep.
    I think that sometimes my body temperature may be too high when I first go to bed, even if I'm feeling cool. Either that, or my internal clock is haywire. I've tried just staying up for an hour or two, but it seems that doesn't work either--I'm still awake an hour later!


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