Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The last Monster Poem.

To open my emails was a delight today. My wonderful friend had written a third poem for William's story book. He is happy to stick monster stickers all over the pages and I am happy to read these poems over and over again.... The perfect bedtime recipe.


A MONSTER ADVENTUREOne little monster said"I want to have a talk,We're getting very lazy, we must go for a walk".They all sat up and nodded and jumping to the floorThey tumbled down the stairs and out the front door.One behind the other they trotted down the lane,Squealing with laughter when it began to rain.Down by the river they hunted for a boatAnd heaved in a log to see if it would float.They all clambered on and sitting legs astridePaddled down the river-what a wonderful ride!They saw elves and fairies with gossamer wings,Heard how magically a nightingale sings.They saw graceful swans gliding, bright silver fish leaping,From mother's safe nest fluffy ducklings were peeping.Wild flowers aplenty in glorious bloom,But then came the thunder-oh what a boom!The boat toppled over and in they all went,Bedraggled they spluttered "Let's go make a tent!"They made a good shelter under the treesWith fern fronds and moss, and sat huddling their knees.Although the adventure had been such a delightThey all now were looking a soggy wet sight.Slowly each one thought of William's warm bed,So cosy, so snuggly with a place for each head.All in agreement they wended their wayBack to the quilt which is where they would stay.

P.S. That is until next time ofcourse!

She says she is monstered out now after writing three poems for William . I am not surprised.

I am going to stick all the poems and songs in a book just for William. What a wonderful friend.

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments about our lovely Grandson. Your comments have made me feel really special .

Love Linda



  1. Oh Linda, this little poem is sheer magic - I found myself just drifting along enjoying the journey, the sights and feelings, even the smells associated with such an adventure, and oh so lovely that they finished up back on dear little William's bed. Absolutely gorgeous - your friend is a very talented lady and you ARE very special!
    Love to you, Joy xo

  2. Another evocative poem.. I love them! Little William's bed is all tidied up for their next visit. I hope it's soon. I can imagine that you will curl up on this bed often and think of your beautiful grandson. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Such a lovely friend to write a poem, a great poem it is too. The quilt is a delight.

  4. What a great poem! You have a lovely friend to have written these, William will enjoy having them all in a book I am sure. I hope that the monsters are behaving themselves! xx

  5. What a lovely poem, and what wonderful friend. You will have to make William a 'monster quiet book' have you seen them.......?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Another very fun poem! I can't get enough of that monster quilt on the bed, you really made something so very special. But that blank space on the wall? In my mind all I can see is just one more monster made into a wall hanging above the bed ... am I asking too much?! Have a great day Linda :) Wendy x

  7. Very sweet. Your friend is a talented poet! William is going to love having these poems to look back at someday.

  8. That's a lovely poem for William I love it, your friend is so sweet and very clever to have written it. I'm going to save these poems Linda because you never know I might have a little monster lover grandchild myself one day. :)

    1. Well that would be really wonderful . What a lovely thought. Better start hoarding the scraps of material too! Lots of love Linda

  9. Thanks for sharing your friend's delightful stories. I am glad that William will be able to enjoy them along with the special quilt G'ma made that inspired them :) xx

  10. Just been having a little catch up Linda, the quilt was such fun for William. I'm interested in your new endeavour, you sound all fired up about it. Watching with interest! X


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