Thursday, 17 July 2014

Relaxing and crafting.

After the most wonderful ten days our little family have taken flight. Another family treat for them in our little Spanish home. It's too hot for us there now. But, William is lucky to be spending time there with his uncle and auntie who were longing to see him. They are here again next Sunday for eleven days. This week I have been reflecting,regrouping and relaxing. Reflecting on the wonderful things that happened when they came home on their visit. Thank you all so much for such lovely comments about my latest post about all that.

Regrouping. Realising that some of the little plans I had were not age suitable for him yet. I truly believe that little ones need your time most of all. Time to let them lead their play activities. Time to help them develop and expand their ideas . Mostly time and patience to do the same things over and over again. William's favourite thing last week was watering the flowers and beans. He pottered about the garden filling his little can and bossing me about. "Tap on Grandma,tap off Grandma!"


I love this photo so much. Such concentration and care. I think he would have watered the plants all day long and I would have helped him. Surely that is one of the things a Grandma can provide. Time.

So, I have looked at the matching cards I made him. The stamps and stamp pads. They were distractions for a minute. But for a boy who lives in an apartment, the garden is best. That's fine by me.

What could be better than meeting Buster in the garden again.



Relaxing.... I have been waking up without an alarm or a little voice asking to see the chickens in the field! I have stayed in my dressing gown. Andy and I have enjoyed long coffees and pottering around. I have been out walking down my favourite lanes with the dogs.








And finding time for the one activity which calms,soothes,relaxes and makes my life complete. Crafting.

Last week I popped into Hobby Craft and they had bundles of fat quarters for £6.50. I couldn't resist buying some.

The cupcake patterns were sweet and soft.


I also love neutrals, but the fabric felt hard. So I washed the pieces and they feel so much better.


Have you ever met Joy and read her blog Joylinks. There is something about the way she writes that makes me happy. She is a lovely blogger who encourages everyone so much when she leaves lovely comments. And she always seems to know what to say on every occasion.

I admire her crafting and what she makes and I wanted to follow her example with little pin cushions.Well,my first attempt was huge. You would lose your needles and pins in its squashiness.



But and it gave me good practice at making a box type shape.

My next attempt.... How can I put it. Homely.

Then I tried a different pattern.

I like these much more and have one tucked away for my niece who has just started sewing.

I popped a spoonful of lavender into each little pouch. The scent will hopefully keep a new crafter calm!



So Joy thank you for the inspiration.

But my goodness I have a lot to learn and a long journey to travel before I can emulate your achievements.

I know what my problem is. I have always had it.

It takes on a few guises.

One. I cannot get my head around the mathematical,accurate side of life.

I have recently been introduced to the wonders of a rotary cutter,self healing mat and ruler.

Blogland,Pinterest etc,etc show the most wonderful examples of what can be made from pieces of material which fit together. Good old tesselation!

Now, understanding and being able to do it,for me ,is a completely different ball game.

My aim was to make lavender pouches in four different fabrics,pile them up and tie them with ribbon.

How hard can that be?

For me ... Really hard.

My slightly slapdash approach and "don't worry" attitude does not help in this kind of exacting situation either.

Now, this morning I was determined to conquer my dragons.


Luckily Andy was relaxing nearby and happened to be slightly interested in this crafting activity because rulers and grids were involved. After watching me for about two minutes and fearing for my sanity,fingers,material and bank balance,intervened.

Half an hour later after only what I can describe as the closest thing I have had to a Mathematics and Technical Drawing lesson since I left school over forty years ago I got it. I understood the interaction between the board and the ruler. I understood about careful placement and measurements. I am thrilled to bits and within a short space of time I have enough rectangles exactly the same size by my sewing machine.

And my last bit of crafting is for a present. A sewing machine cover for the lovely friend who helped me assemble the monster quilt.


I have an identical one on my sewing machine and she admired it. A nice thought to think we shall have a lovely connection. The pattern for these pretty sunburst squares can be found in my sidebar.

Wow! What a long post . Thank you for sticking with me and my wordiness. However, I might be gone for a while now as I will soon have Eleven days of watering,reading playing and just spending the best time I can with my family. Then they will be gone for six months. But, I am not thinking about that right now.



  1. I am sure you are counting the days until dear W arrives back, but it looks like you really have made the very most of your time this week! I love the fabric, might have to pop over to a Hobbycraft, I will have to look online to see where the nearest one is.

    I remember my kids used to love watering the garden, and still do as long as a hose pipe is involved!


  2. A lovely post that made me feel very relaxed. Aw little William and his watering can. So glad the weather's good so you can both enjoy the garden. X

  3. This was such a nice post, and I'm so happy for you that William is coming back for another eleven days. Being a grandmother is the best thing ever, isn't it? :-)

  4. Really enjoyed your Blog today, you Grandson is adorable. I'll bet that after Abu Dubai that the green of England is a real treat.

  5. Quality times makes quality memories that can be savoured when they are not there. Love the blanket.

  6. It sounds as though you are having some wonderful times!! I love the pin cushions that you made with the fabric, the cupcake material is lovely isn't it. When I was cutting out for my quilt I had the greatest of trouble to start with with the measuring so I could have done with your husband giving me a hand, it was OK when I got going, but it did take quite a while so I can sympathise! I hope that you enjoy your few days break before William is back again. xx

  7. Aw Linda, little William surely is the sweetest little fella, and I love how he holds up that watering can! It sounds like you and he are real bosom pals and isn't it wonderful to just go with the flow and meet these little characters just where they are at, at any given time!
    I have really enjoyed walking those beautiful country lanes with you - such lovely pics you've taken, and to see your furry friends having a good time is a bonus.
    It's wonderful that Andy has been able to help you out with the 'measuring up'; how lovely is that and what a great bloke he is; you are really doing well with your lovely pincushions Linda, love the cupcakes, and isn't it all such fun once you get the hang of it.
    You said some lovely things about me and I'm all blushing now but thank you so much my dear, you really are so very kind. When I thought of you working with the ruler and grid I had to laugh when I remember how I got carried away when I first started with mine - I cut out so many little squares for my first quilt attempt that I'm sure to be using them up for years to come!!!
    Your dear friend will be so happy with her new crochet sewing machine cover, especially as you made it for her with love in every stitch. And I have to wonder if she really IS all monstered out or might there be another little verse popping up sometime - we'll see!
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely, xoJoy

  8. I'm so glad you've had a nice visit with your family. It seems like you have a very warm and loving relationship with your grown children and I think that's such a credit to you and Andy. Your sewing looks good! I've never made a pincushion. I have a tutorial in a book for the little "tomato" like pincushions and I want to try making one but it looks kind of hard with the curved seams down the sides. Maybe I'll get brave and try it soon. Hope you have a nice weekend, Linda. :)

  9. I am happy for you that you got a week and then get a break to relax and then get another week.. joy! Little William looks so happy just to have some water to play with in the green garden. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I think William is really going to miss his watering can!!!! Well done with the mathematical precision cutting!!!! Something I still haven't mastered completely!!!! Have a happy fun filled time with your family!!!
    AMarie xxx


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