Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Friendship has no literacy limits.

If you have been following life here at Chalky's just a little bit you will have become close and comfy with the monsters. The generosity this project has been overwhelming .

My dear friend wrote one poem which I have printed out and added to my book of Monster stories which I am looking forward to reading to William. The last time we saw him was on Dec the 28th 2013 after the happiest week celebrating Christmas. My goodness that seems so long agao now.

Well in my inbox this evening was another missive... Just as charming as the first. I bet you will like it too.


All the little monsters had been quiet for long enough,
"It's time" they said "for some exciting stuff!"
They all scrambled up and looking around'
They quickly slithered down to the ground.
Into the kitchen they stealthily crept,
Where everything was so tidily kept.
They opened the cupboards and looked inside,
Cooking utensils they soon espied.
"So" they all mused,"what shall we make?"
"I know" said one "let's bake a cake."
"It will be so much fun and easy to do
And a lovely surprise for William too!"
They scrabbled around and out came the lot,
Every utensil and every pot!
In went bananas, pickles and jam,
Potatoes, cornflakes and even some ham,
Some flour and some milk, butter and custard'
They even added a spoonful of mustard!
"That's it "they all cried "Now wasn't that fun"
"We'll give it a stir and then it's all done!"
All of a sudden the door opened a crack
"Oh no! William and Grandma are back,
Oh what shall we do? we mustn't be found"
And they tiptoed away without making a sound.
In the kitchen William and Grandma stared in surprise,
What on earth was that mess infront of their eyes?
They puzzled and puzzled but nobody knew
The tale that I'm now telling to you!

I loved teaching with her. She was fun,creative and special and she still is.

Thank you dear friend.



  1. How cute that story was! It's perfect with your quilt.. won't William be charmed!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a great poem!! I'm not sure that it would have been a very tasty cake! William will be with you all again soon - and Mum and Dad of course!!!! xx

  3. I enjoyed reading another monster tale from your good friend, Linda. Thanks for sharing it :) xx

  4. That's a lovely story Linda, William will love it. :)

  5. Wonderful! A poem and a recipe to try out afterwards ;) The cake sounds yummy, but I'd rather go with chocolate. Wendy

  6. Oh such a clever lady to compose this wonderful story for William - he's going to love it, but I do hope he doesn't expect you to make him THAT cake Linda! Wishing you the happiest of times, xoJoy


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