Sunday, 20 July 2014

Butterfly Wings!

I have been flitting about like a butterfly all week. Very pleasantly I might add. A little bit if this and a little bit of that. Accepting that it is fine to have lots of projects on the go. Of course all this has been accompanied by lots of visits to check for new photos on Facebook.

Our family have had a lovely time in Spain. Lots of hot sunshine,sea,swimming and fun.

I just love these cheeky photos.



I think happy holidays can make memories that last forever.

So,this week whilst they have been away I have been thinking a little bit about some birthdays which are coming up.

I wanted to make some cotton washcloths. There are some lovely examples on Pinterest....if you have the odd hour to fill!

I love to make hand make gifts best of all and I have this idea forming in my mind.

I want to make a material basket like these beauties made by Joy.



I hope Joy believes that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Her work is beautiful. I want to fill them with home made goodies. And I have made a start with the washcloths with a bar of pretty soap tucked in. All tied up with lovely ribbon. That sounds like a song from The Sound Of Music!




Then in will tumble the lavender pouches I was pulling my hair out about last week. I have kept practising with my cutting mat,ruler and rotary cutter every day.

I can not believe I have managed a degree of accurate cutting.

I was so pleased to pop these little lavender pouches in a pile and they were all the same size!





Then I am going add a beribboned towel and some home made body scrub in a mason jar.

Those additions are on my ever growing "to do" list!

But, I really think a hand made hamper like this will make a lovely gift. I think I will make one for myself too. And, if Joy did not live on the other side of the world I would love to drop one around to her to say "thank you" for inspiring me!

Talking of inspiration. Flower posies from the garden inspire me too.


Simple posies,simple pleasures.


Thank you as always to all my lovely followers who take the time to leave such lovely comments. They make my days happy ones.

Whilst talking of happy days. We have eleven now with our little family and the edible William.

So forgive me if I have my head tucked in a book, or my hands on the tap of the hosepipe.

I will catch up with you all when they go.

With a box of tissues by my side I expect x







  1. Beautiful holiday snaps, memories to last a lifetime and beautiful gifts.

  2. What lovely gifts, anyone would be overjoyed to receive one of your baskets filled with goodies.

    Have a lovely time with your wonderful family, Helenxx

  3. Oh those bags filled with handmade goodies....lovely! X

  4. Lovely happy pictures of your family Linda. What lovely gifts they look so professional too, Joys bags are lovely as are all her makes she is a real inspiration and a a sweetie too I'm sure she will be really happy to know she has inspired you. Enjoy your family time, I'm hoping that I may be able to share a bit of good news with you very soon! xxxx

  5. You have a simply beautiful family.. how could you not as you and your husband are gorgeous people! You just enjoy them and we'll be here for you when the nest is empty again. I am impressed with your gift things.. you are so clever and generous! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Lovely gifts you are making, Linda! And it is a delight to see photos of your happy family times :) Thanks for your inspiration! xx

  7. Hello again sweet Linda, and look at young William giving the 'thumbs up' - learning new tricks every day I bet ….
    It was a lovely surprise to see my bags on your post, and thanks so much for the lovely mention once again, you're too kind m'dear :) I'm loving the gifts you have started on - the washcloths and lavender pouches are too gorgeous and I wish you could drop by and visit me, wouldn't that be something ….
    Your little posies are so pretty and fresh, enjoy them, and your lovely family times - and try not to think of the goodbye time coming around again. Love, Joy xo

  8. I love the bags and what a lovely idea to use them as gift bags and fill them with handmade treats. I really like the way you edged your washcloths too. x

  9. Such lovely gifts, Linda. I am sure they will be much appreciated.

  10. William really does look edible in those photos! Your hand-made bag of goodies will be loved, I'm sure. Enjoy every moment! Hugs,.....

  11. Lovely holiday pics of your family!!!! William is sooooo adorable!!!! Love you wash cloths and lavender bags!!!! Have a fun happy time with them!!!!
    AMarie xxx


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