Monday, 2 June 2014

What makes a friend.and the monsters come out to play.

I have just a few best friends. Friends,who I could call upon no matter what. The word " friend" is not a word I use lightly. Like most people I know lots of people. But a true friend is different.

Actually they are such good friends I don't think I would call them in times of need unless I was absolutely desperate. I always wanted a sister because I think it is a bond like no other but I had brothers instead. Wonderful, but they are like all men deriving from Mars not Venus!

A while back a friend who has been like a sister to me for forty years plus knew I was making a quilt for William. We have never had a cross word,we do not need to speak,email,write or communicate on a regular basis. But she knew how important a project it was for me.

Actually I was really laid back about my monsters. I blogged about them before our last trip to Spain. Calming blanket stitches. Funny, quirky monsters. I thought it was a walk in the park.



She asked me to bring them up to show her. And, am I glad I did. She has just completed her second quilting class and she is a mathematician,



Now, don't get me wrong she loved my blanket stitches,she loved my monsters and she did not want to burst my monster bubble.



So, it went like this.

Question One. "Did you use a rotary cutter?" My answer .. " No a pair of scissors"

Question Two. " Are they all the same size?" My answer.. " Oh yes. Well I think so!"

Question Three.. "Have you got a quilting foot on your machine!? My answer... " A what!"

Question Four.... " You do realise you have to cut the batting about four inches wider than the quilt?" My answer .. " Really?"

My lovely friend did not make me feel daft. She did not make me feel incompetent. Her friendship was like a quilt. A reassuring cuddle that caught you before your fall..

Well the end of this story is going to take place over the next few days. I am taking all my monster squares to her house. The boys are going to play golf and she is going to help me finish my monster quilt. Whoop,whoop I cannot wait!!

I can not wait to take pictures of it all finished and ready for William he is coming home next month. I will have it on his bed all ready for a cuddle.

Before I go to my friends house I would like to welcome my new followers. Another ten and it must be time for a Giveaway. I love them so much. Choosing and selecting little gifts for the lovely followers who take the time to leave such lovely comments. Thank you all.


  1. She sounds like a wonderful friend. You're lucky to have each other. The quilt is looking fantastic, wow!

  2. What a lovely friend, you will have a great time putting the finished quilt together I am sure, and it will be wonderful when you do - although it is already looking great!!! I am sure that William will love it when he comes to stay. xx

  3. How nice to have a friend like that Linda it's obvious that you share a special bond and a special love of crafting too, I bet the pair of you will have so much fun completing the monster quilt and I'm sure it will be a work of art when it's all done enjoy!. xxx

  4. Yes, that is a real friend Linda, and how wonderful that you have each other! William is going to love his monster blanket - I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished off and 'polished up' - so to speak! Enjoy the process! xoJ

  5. I'm so glad you have such a good friend to help you finish that quilt so it will be ready for William! Deadlines are always good for inducing completion! I'm very happy for you that they are coming to visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Wow! that quilt is absolutely wonderful!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. the quilt is lovely, it will make coming to grandmas house really special. What a good friend to step in at this point and help you finish. Have a good time, Heather X

  8. Looking good! I'm excited to see it all finished on Williams bed when we come back. Not long now. Time is going so fast!

  9. Such good fortune to have a friend to guide you as you complete William's fabulous quilt! Good friends are a blessing. Have fun.

  10. Having a few really good friends is so important! I love your monster quilt, and I'm glad your friend is going to help you finish it. The two of you will have a great time together. I'm guessing there will be as much talking and laughing as there is sewing!

  11. I agree, true friends are so precious. Your monster quilt is looking fantastic.
    Marianne x

  12. Wonderful progress on the quilt, Linda, and I am happy you have a dear friend to share it with! xx

  13. That quilt is just too much fun! I'll bet William is going to LOVE it!

  14. I love the quilt you made and isn't it something that William will treasure this his whole life and wrap his own baby in it someday? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. The monsters all together make a wonderful happy quilt! To have a good friend to help you put it all together will save you the frustration of figuring it all out on your own. This is going to be so special for little William, and I'm sure he will treasure it for years. Wendy x


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