Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Progress with the Monsters.


A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days with my lovely friend. My friend of over forty years. We met at Teachers Training College in 1973. And in 1976 she was my bridesmaid.




She retired last year and has now finished two terms of quilting lessons. How sensible to go to lessons and learn all the basics. How sensible to know which tools to use. Brilliant planning and execution. The complete opposite to me..... Me, oh that looks wonderful. I am going to make it now!

But in for a penny in for a pound. Here was one of my monsters made straight after my dear daughter in law showed me a picture of the Monster Quilt. Perhaps Ed,Ned,Ted or Fred.



My dear friend was so patient as she looked at my rectangles drawn around a cereal box. My rectangles cut out with scissors and a complete mismatch of materials. The one thing she realised knowing me as she does is that I might not know how to do something properly but I would have been upset if it had not turned out well.She showed me how to cut with a rotary cutter guided by a quilters ruler so that the seams joined up accurately.



She showed me how to roll the monsters so the quilt would go under the sewing machine needle!

I sewed and sewed. Joining,placing and seeing my monster quilt coming to life.

So clever to roll and work.

The best tip.... Use invisible thread when you are sewing in the ditch.

Wobbles do not show!



We worked for three whole days. Side by side. Metaphorically hand in hand. It was truly wonderful. Yes, the achievement was wonderful but even more, the companionship. The chance to share time and our excitement grew as the monsters began to join together. I was chuffed to bits.

We were too busy crawling all over the floor smoothing the shapes and pinning the sandwich of top,wadding and backing together to take photos.

I learnt about cutting the border and sewing it on.



And all the time pressing,ironing and checking was going on.

It felt as lovely as when someone washes up the dishes as you go when you are making a big family roast.



I had no idea it was going to be so enormous. I should have started with a table mat but it would not have been half the fun or enough to talk about!

And what a great friend. She is behind the quilt acting as a quilt holder to get the last picture.



And then it was time to come home. I was so happy to put the quilt on William's bed. It has been in place for ten days or more and I left the door open so we could see it,stroke it and just smile.



But,it wasn't finished. So,last night whilst the football was on I did the final job. Stitch,stitch stitchery stitch.

I had been tempted to whizz around with the machine and the invisible thread. But a little voice kept telling me not to. It was telling me that if something is worth doing its worth doing well. My friend of course but also every true crafts person I have ever met.

The long journey around the border took a while. A long while, but I enjoyed the rhythm of little stitches.



So nearly finished but there is one last thing I want to add for William. One of the monsters has a little pouch.

So, I am going to make a baby monster to pop in. And then when he is tucked up under his quilt he can pop his hand into the pocket and cuddle the baby monster as he drifts off to sleep.


So there is going to be one more instalment of my monster journey. I have to make that little monster. Oh, and sew on one button above one of the monsters ears where there is a tiny drop of blood. That pin hurt!

And I have a poem whirling around in my head..... It starts something like this.


Ed,Ned,Jed and Ted are four lovely monsters that live on William's bed.

Ed is red and can balance on his head

But sometimes he wobbles and falls out of bed!

Stop that wobbling say Ned,Ted and Jed.


And I think I have a verse for the monster I am going to make to go in the pocket.


There's one little monster and his name is Fred.

He's so quiet no one hears him on the bed.

But William loves him and it's often said.

Your my favourite monster hidden on this bed.


I would like to turn it into a story to read to him when bedtime arrives

If you have any inspiration for the verses in the poem please don't be shy. It would be lovely if my lovely blogging friends held my hand too. Please give it a whirl in your head too.

Thank you all for being so supportive on my Monster journey!



  1. Your a bit like me, see something and must have a go, but with quilts I make like you, neaten with a rotary cutter, back properly and always finish by hand. Hope you have made a label for your quilt? Quilts always have a label
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. You must be so pleased and proud - it looks fabulous. And even more special that you spent the time making it with a friend. x

  3. I love it. The quilt is a special treasure that will no doubt be handed down to the next generation after William. How wonderful that your friend was there to help; I'm sure that made it so much more fun. Great job!

  4. I recently bought a rotary cutter and mat. I don't quilt but they are really useful for cutting out general sewing patterns. Your quilt looks amazing.

  5. Your quilt is absolutely amazing, young William is just going to love it!

    It is so great to have a friend to help out with these things isn't it, I have a friend of almost 40 years too who helps me out with stuff like this.


  6. What a charming and sweet post.. goodness, you and hubby were and are gorgeous! Your quilt is absolutely PERFECT and the poem to go with it is frosting on the cake. Good job, Linda! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Oh this is wonderful, both the poem and the quilt. It must have been so much work but it does sound like fun too. William will be over the moon when he sees it.

  8. Firstly I have to say, of course!, that I LOVE the quilt!!!! It is so much fun and I am sure that William will love it too, especially if he has a little monster to cuddle. I think that it is actually even nicer that you worked on it with your friend, it will hold even more memories now as well as William using and playing with it, you will have the memory of the time spent with your friend in the making of it. How great is that! Happy quilting! xx

  9. Hey Linda,
    This quilt is a triumph!! It's beautiful and quirky and fun. And how lovely that you and your friend finished it together. It sounded like a wonderful process.
    Leanne xx

  10. William's monster quilt is absolutely wonderful !! You must be so proud. It's been fabulous following your quilting journey and I'm so pleased your friend was able to guide you through the last part of the process.

  11. What an amazing quilt! It is just perfect in every way. William is going to love staying at your house and having his own special blanket, and the idea for the little monster to tuck in the pocket is brilliant. What a nice story about friendship too!

  12. It looks absolutely amazing! So nice to think use helped you finish it. Believe me, it will be a treasure in our family! I'm sure William will enjoy listening to your poems and stories when we are back, only a few weeks now!

  13. YOU DID IT!! Woohoo!! This looks fantastic Linda, and my goodness, what a lot of work. You have got the best friend forever! William is going to LOVE this, and tucking a little monster in a pocket is perfect (a puppet maybe?). Your verses are so fun, and although I can't think of any to add to it at the moment, I did think that a photo of the whole quilt top would make a great cover for a book of the monsters. I also think that you and your friend in that first photo look like sisters. Great wedding shot! Enjoy your weekend :) Wendy x


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