Saturday, 28 June 2014

Let's have a Cuppa!

I simply love quirky. And this is the quirkiest place to have a cup of tea. Come and have one with me!

Just selling wool would be good enough. But these cubby holes don't even begin to tell the story.

I will let the pictures tell the rest.

Vintage knitting patterns. The perfect place to rest your cuppa.
Pull up a chair!


Or maybe you would prefer a comfy one.



With a magazine to enjoy.
Like so many others do every day.
The perfect place for a few rows and a natter.


And if the sun comes out never fear.

A brolly to give you shade.



And if it's cold .. Well just cuddle up and perhaps have a little dream about witches and broomsticks.



And on dark days light to show your pattern up well.


And if you need to spend a penny it's easy to find the way.



And amongst all this yarny goodness another type of generosity is going on.



I could have spent all day in this wonderful shop. If ever you are in Southbourne in Dorset keep your eyes open and your purse at the ready. There are treats galore. And the tea and cakes were pretty special too!


Quirky is pretty darn perfect in my book.




  1. What a fabulous place. I dream of running a yarn shop, with a little cafe and home made cakes. Wishing you a happy weekend. x

  2. It looks like my kind of place Linda, I would love to spend some time in there :) xx

  3. Oh wow that place looks great.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. What a lovely little nook of a yarn shop.

  5. Oh you've started off my Sunday with lots of smiles, thank you Linda - what a great place full of lovely ideas and loads of fun, caring and sharing, way to go!!!
    Love, Joyxo

  6. So glad you got to visit such a special store, Linda. I enjoyed visiting it through your post :) xx

  7. What a fantastic little shop! I like quirky too.
    Marianne x

  8. brilliant, we do know how to find them don't we! Love the sunshade and the magazine rack. This shop has clearly been decorated with passion! X

  9. Oh goodness me, to think I was only a mile or two from this place a couple of weeks ago when I was at Hengistbury Head! That would have made a great day into a perfect day!

  10. What a fantastic place, I love the knitted magazine rack, lots of fun! xx

  11. I think this would be the perfect spot for a wonderful afternoon, browsing, knitting, nattering, sipping, and reading all things yarny. Wish it was closer.

  12. What a wonderful, unique shop! I love the knitted umbrella - it's a first for me. I had never imagined such a thing could be made! :-)

  13. Absolutely Perfect!!!! Handmade with passion!!!! Have a happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  14. What an interesting place, I've never seen anywhere quite like that!

  15. That's exactly it!!! All your lovely comments are so true . Everywhere I looked there was something wonderful to behold. A knitted umbrella. Who would have thought it. How I wish we could all meet for tea !

  16. Looks like a wonderful little shop! Who could resist stopping in?

  17. What a cool place, I was getting excited thinking it was near u though. Some very unusual items in there!

  18. Did you visit this cafe on your visit to Hengistbury Head this week? Just wondering whether it is still there!


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