Sunday, 15 June 2014

I got it. As the song goes " Let's Twist Again!"

That song title shows my age! I watched my sister in law learning to knit again in Cornwall and I was so impressed with her tenacity. She kept on checking her tension and the number of stitches she needed to make a perfect six inch square. Tenacity is not one of my strongest attributes. I cheat, take the easy option, throw the project against the wall or send it to the cupboard of doom under the stairs.

But, not yesterday. After cheating and plaiting the strips of fabric to make twine I eventually sourced the you tube video with accompanying sound. I am so glad I have my technical advisor close at hands these days. Retirement is a wonderful thing.

It was such a lovely day I did the cutting of the strips in the garden. Then I stuffed all the lengths in my pocket and got twisting all day. It was therapeutic, calming and quite addictive. I listened to some of the lengthy debates about strikers,defenders and other football nonsense etc etc. But, in the main I just kept twisting.

I was so pleased to get the tension correct. Tight and firmly twisted.

I wish I had some old wooden spools to wind it onto as it would really look good, but a rolled piece of cardboard sufficed.


I liked the random coloured look but loved the nautical style of white and blue strips even more.



Looped and tied this time!



June and July are busy birthday months for us and I love wrapping presents. Love these effects. Brown paper,doilies and fabric twine all topped off with a little machined heart tag. I cut up old gardening books for the hearts and you can actually read little snippets on each one.



It even works on a gardening voucher envelope and card.



So, I really loved making the fabric twine. I was pleased with the results. It certainly uses up your fabric scraps and I felt it enhanced my parcels and if you would like a go at twisting your time away here is the link again.


Please be aware however there are a couple of downsides... There are wisps of fabric everywhere this morning. So twisting time was interrupted by some sweeping. And your hand does get a bit achey. But I had no ill effects this morning. Even though I twisted my way through hours and hours of football.

Just to close here is a picture of someone else loving a good twist and turn.



Lots of love ... Linda


  1. Well done you for persevering!!! I really like the blue and white nautical one, it looks great wrapped around all of your gifts and adds a great touch to them. Hope that you are having a good day. xx

  2. I like these, agree think the blue nautical one is best. Bet you can make some great colour combinations though!

  3. Well done on the perseverance Linda, iit does look good and gives your parcels a lovely finishing touch. :)

  4. Linda, I am so impressed! I love the idea of reuse, recycle and repurpose and you've done just that. Not only are you green but how you've used your string is classy and upscale.. a win win all around! How did the dog get in that position? LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh well done Linda, you did it, and you did it well! I love the look of your pretty parcels and labels too - hearts are always so lovely aren't they!
    Archie looks happy there - when our little Pika starts squirming around the floor we call it 'wrap-dancing', so cute!
    A happy week to you lovely! xoJoy

  6. You definitely get high marks for stylish productivity and repurposing, Linda! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  7. The twine looks great, think I'll have a go, it'll make great twine to cheer up my rather green garden tying back shrubs!!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  8. The twisted twine looks great! Kudos for hanging in there.


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