Saturday, 14 June 2014

Football distractions! It's always crafting!

Andy has always loved sport of any kind. But, football... Well that is in a different league.

It will be a football fest in our house for the next month. That is fine by me. I zone out, mumble at appropriate junctures and get crafting.

Now I should be showcasing William's monster quilt. But, I am a total butterfly and can't bear to take it off the bed at the moment. Thank you all my lovely followers for metaphorically holding my hand during its creation. A poem about Fred,Ted,Ed and Ned is in it's infancy. I think it will make a perfect bedtime read whilst nestled under the downy softness of the quilt.

Andy's sister Beverley has just moved into our village and she had never visited one of my favourite places in the whole world. Cornwall. So we decided to take her this last week. It showed itself off at its best. Stunningly beautiful. Walking bliss... I could go on and on. We were based in a mobile home near Padstow and I loved every minute.

The clouds were amazing and made for perfect walking weather. Beverley having spent the last ten years in Scotland considers the South West to be almost Meditteranean!


Padstow and the River Camel.


Treyarnon Bay
The scene of my childhood holidays... Fistral Bay.
The cliff path to Crantock Bay really is one the most beautiful pieces of the Coastal Path which fills me with joy every time we traverse it.
Pure blue skies and aquamarine water were our travelling companions on our second day.


And we were glad to raise a glass to Beverley's first trip.


Even Archie the West Highland terrier who has lived his life far over the border in Aberdeen approved.


It was perfect. Picture perfect. Pasty perfect. Cornish Cream Tea perfect and as the Cornish would say

" we'll come again dreckly!"


My mind has been whirring since our return about twine from material.

Recently I saw this on Pinterest.




I woke up in the night last night and spent a gentle hour visualising my stash. I have so many odds and ends that would be perfect.And a few birthdays coming up. The parcels will look extra quirky tied up with fabric twine I think.

My first attempt this morning was too loose. I will not give up but sound on the you tube video would help!



But, I did love the effect plaiting produced. I was plaiting away accompanied by blackbird song this morning early. The football fanatic was still asleep ... Some of these games are on VERY late!

Lots of lovely wishes to you all x




  1. I hate football too, I really wish I liked it, it must be nice to get that absorbed and excited but then crochet does that for me, each to there own I say. Cornwall is beautiful Linda, I have visited it only once a few years ago and the scenery is stunning. I love your pictures such lovely beaches. That is an interesting idea making fabric twine a great way of using yarn stash have fun with it. :)

  2. Love the photos of the seaside! They look like old masters paintings with the little sailboats coming into the bay. What a beautiful area you live in. I've been to Scotland and just loved the wildness of it, and it reminded me very much of Ontario. You'll have lots of fun showing your SIL around now. The twine looks great and reminds me of braided rugs although thinner. Wendy x

  3. Football doesn't hold my interest either, Linda - keep crafting, that's the only sensible thing to do! How lovely to do Cornwall with your SIL - and Andy of course - and oh I do like King Archie on his stone throne there! Your pics are lovely, fresh, and summery and I reckon you'll get that plaiting right shortly. Now I'm just hanging out to see the Monsters, please!!!

  4. Cornwall really was looking at its best!

    We love footie in our house, the living room is bedecked with Brazil flags!


  5. What beautiful scenery! Absolutely gorgeous! I must admit I do watch American "football" which is because I only have to look up from my crocheting or knitting once in a while to keep up with what's going on. Soccer/football, on the other hand IS the sport to watch as it is fast but then I couldn't craft while I watched it. LOL!
    I love the fabric twine and I pinned it to my board too. You did a great job on yours.

  6. I love that picture of Archie! It is such a beautiful setting. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about their crafts. :-)

  7. What a beautiful beach for a relaxing family holiday. We returned to the Isle of Wight every year and loved seeing the same places. Nobody here is very interested in football and the times of the matches mean we will probably be a football-free zone this year.

  8. It looks like a lovely day out with Beverley. I know football there is what we call soccer here, but it's a popular saying here that women become "football widows" in the fall (meaning American football during its season).

  9. How nice to have your SIL move closer to you! And oh my gosh.. that ocean bay that you showed filled me with joy! Lucky you! Have fun with your crafty endeavors during the sports stuff. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I hope that you have fun with your twine making! How great that you can take your sister in law out and about to new places and show her around! I hope that she loves living locally to you. xx

  11. Your pictures of Cornwall are stunning. I really wish I lived a bit closer to the sea!

  12. Gorgeous pics! Brings back memories of your birthday last year! Really like the red plaited twine!,

  13. Those photos are so beautiful, the day so clear. Glad you had a fun time. Happy twining!

  14. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of Cornwall, Linda. Sooo beautiful! Wishing you more happy times with your SIL and productive crafting during football season :)


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