Sunday, 22 June 2014

Another very special friend.

It is only two weeks until my little Dubai family come home. I am trying very hard to finish all my butterfly projects. And there really are a lot. I just want to make life easy and stress free . Dry weather would help. Walks to the river with a packed breakfast will make it special. The cookery books wil be out. Favourite recipes chosen. Just special times. Family times.

William's quilt will be on his bed and I consider myself so lucky to have the most special friends. A friend who helped me make the quilt. And another lovely friend who loves books and art more than anything else in the world.

I got up fairly late this morning and waiting in my inbox was this great poem. A monster poem. A perfect poem. I really can not wait to read it to Willaim when he is snuggled up under his quilt. My friend had been following my quilting progress and wanted to help with the last story book part . I love this so much.



Lots of little monsters were having so much fun
Jumping on the bed with a big sticky bun,
Along came William in his wellies and his hat
And said very sternly "Now stop all that!
You're making such a mess of my new bedspread
I think you should all go outside instead!"
All the little monsters hung their heads in shame
And sorrowfully said "It was just a game
We didn't really mean to make such a to do
We promise we'll clean it all up for you."
Later that night getting ready for bed
William peeped round his door and in astonishment said
"Grandma look! my quilt, it's so soft and so clean
As if a monster party there never has been!"
Grandma smiled as she whispered"Things aren't always what they seem
Perhaps it was just a lovely fun dream."
William sighed as he snuggled and settled to sleep,
"Grandma, I love all my monsters and forever will keep."

This quilt has become so much more than pieces of material.




  1. He's going to love the poem. Have a wonderful time when they get back!

  2. Oh what an exciting time for you all - enjoy every minute of the preparations and then - well - just let go and make the most of every minute together, Linda! I love the poem, your friend is very clever and young William is going to be in raptures! xoJoy

  3. So lovely planning for your family coming home, Linda! Enjoy :) [I know you are!] xx

  4. I'm so excited for you to be expecting your son, DIL and the darling William! I do hope you're able to share some photos of William seeing his quilt for the first time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. How wonderful :-) William is going to be thrilled with this poem, and I suspect you'll know it off by heart after a couple of days, as I know you're going to b asked to read it a great many times!!

  6. I know the feeling!!!! Family coming to visit is just the best thing ever!!! Love the poem and it's going to be so special to read it to William!!!! Have a great fun filled happy and fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. What a wonderful poem!!! I am so happy for you that it is not long now until you see William snuggling with his quilt! xx

  8. Aw, that poem is just soooo lovely! Something to be treasured along with the quilt for many years.
    Have a happy week,

  9. That's wonderful, can't wait to hear what he says when he sees the quilt!

  10. Such a wonderful poem! I can imagine all the happy hours of preparation to welcome your family back home, and I can almost hear the squeals of delight as you see one another. The quilt is made of pieces of material, memories, and magic rolled together for cuddles and warmth and all bound with love.

  11. Thank you all so.SO, so much. This quilt has made a very special part of Blogland for me.

  12. This is awesome! Brilliant poem! I'm sure William is going to love testing ur recipes and hearing more stories!


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