Thursday, 22 May 2014

Too Much Time On My Hands!!!!

A while back I showed a friend, who is very different to me the cushion I had made for my Godchild using crazy appliqué technique.

It was funny. I thought she was going to be complimentary. She took one look and said " you have got too much time on your hands."

I was not upset as she meant it in a jokey way and as I said we are like chalk and cheese. I soon showed it to a crafty friend. And of course she made all the right appreciative noises. It takes all sorts to make a world.

Whenever I am crafting something just to make it decorative or attractive to me. Prettifying is a good word for these pursuits, her words echo in my head. And I laugh to myself. How can making something beautiful equate to having too much time on your hands. If that is the case let my hands be involved in such a way for ever.

Now. Where is this preamble leading. Well my sister in law has moved into my late Mother In Laws barn this week and she was clearing a wardrobe and she threw these hangers onto the pile going to the tip!!




I asked if I could have them and they looked the perfect thing for a bit of prettifying. To me the worst thing in the world is metal coat hangers, closely followed by thin plastic ones. I hate the tugging and tangling that ensues when they get in a tangle. The noise they make is jarring too. Horrible, just horrible.

As always out came my trusty hook and before long a nice little coat hanger cuddly was made. Nice and thick to keep the clothes from creasing.




I covered the wire hook with pretty ribbon securing it tightly with knots and a bit of tape for good measure.



I then folded the strip in half and poked the hook through the midway point. I had purposely made the strip a little shorter than the coat hanger so that it would fit snugly. Using single crochet stitches I caught a stitch from each side of the strip to totally encase the wooden hanger. Tah Dah. So much prettier.





When I hung the hanger in the wardrobe I quietly stood back and had a little think. I used to live my life at the speed of sound. I used to have my hands full and overflowing. Now, I do have time on my hands. I am so thankful for every single second of it. I am thankful that I can use such time doing exactly what I love best. I will never have too much time on my hands. Sadly, as for us all. In actual fact there will never be enough.

And look at that pile of hangers again. There is someone else just like me. Someone who knitted little covers.


And my favourite of all. A folding hanger. My Mum used to pack these in our suitcases when we went to Cornwall. They were ugly.

Again someone just like me has covered this one in the sweetest material and used tiny,tiny running stitches.



Please, never think you have too much time on your hands.

Before I finish once again I was so touched by your kind thoughts about William.

Things are progressing slowly.

Sadly that horrible cast left him with a nasty rash which has prevented him from going swimming which would help his mobility but it is healing fast and I am sure he will soon be walking again.

I bet he can't wait!



  1. Good Afternoon Linda, I agree, I would rather have too much time on my hands, so that I can do all the things I love. I loved your crazy applique cushion and I just know your god child will love it.
    I remember when I went to car boot sales, I often found these lovely wooden clothes hangers, but I don't seem to see them very much anymore. I have one wooden coat hanger which a friend made for me, she covered the hanger with padding, then added a beautiful lilac material, but before she sewed it together, she added a lavender pouch inside.... I've had it for years and the lavender still smells lovely.
    Best Wishes to you.

  2. When i hear people say that I always think, and sometimes reply, that we all have the same amount of time every day, every week. How we choose to spend it is what matters, and what is left after all our committments.I usually ask the person if they watch TV or play computer games. They invariably do, and spend most evenings doing one or the other or both, whereas I tell them I don't choose to spend my time doing that (well of course i sometimes watch tv but not just for the sake of it!), I choose to do something more valuable, more long lasting with my time, just like you do Linda - I create something.
    What you are doing is making special things made with love and which will be treasured and remind the people of you, and it will all be loved and valued.Nothing to do with "too much time". We've all had busy years working our socks off, bringing up children and rushing around after them.
    This is a lovely post Linda and you have made some lovely things for others and given new life to someone elses once loved things.You should feel proud of yourself.
    Gill xx

  3. I agree. My sister used to think I had "too much time on my hands". She was always more career focused than me. But two years ago, she was taken seriously ill. And whilst she is much better now, she has changed her job and only works part time, and has re-kindled her childhood love of cross stitch, sewing and some crochet. She said recently, that she could never have imagined it being so fulfilling to take life a little slower. Have fun. Your makes are lovely. x

  4. What a great idea. I often rescue coat hangers that Hubby throws out. I like the wooden ones and now you have inspired me to do something pretty with them.

  5. Hey Linda,
    Long may you have all of that time! I think the hanger covers are inspired. I hate plastic ones too.

    Leanne xx

  6. There is never enough time to do all the things you want to do and to do all the crochet you want to do either, I love your cushion, it's a happy cushion, but I know what you mean the only people who appreciate the things I make are those who craft themselves I had one friend who said 'I couldn't waste my time doing stuff like that!' the same friend irons her knickers and socks...enough said. I intend covering some wooden hangers with crochet for my grandchildren if I ever have any that is. I saw the idea in a crochet book I have and they look so cute. Enjoy wasting your time Linda haha I'm certainly going to enjoy wasting mine. :)

  7. Hi Linda, I've only been visiting sporadically recently but cannot believe I have missed that your little honey had broken his femur. What a nightmare but I am so glad he is on the mend.

    How it is odd how critical people are of others pastimes and you are right it does take all sorts. None of us ever has enough time on this planet to do everything we would like so as long as you are enjoying what you do that is all that matters.

    Your holiday pics are fab and how poignant your recollections about your Mum are. I was especially touched by how you talked about the daughter's guilt. Earlier today I posted about a concert that I visited with my mum, before I read your post, and despite all that happened and all that I do I still never feel I have done enough and cannot resolve that.

    Take care, enjoy what you do and look after yourself.
    Love and hugs

  8. I am showing this blog post to my DH - he maintains I am the only person in the world with dressed up clothes hangers - I knew there would be someone else out in the big wide cyber world. I adore that cushion - its just so vibrant. I don't think I have ever had too much time on my hands but there again like so many crafters I make the most of what time I do get and thoroughly enjoy it.

  9. I had to laugh because I am sitting here making covers for some hangers too! I also must have too much time on my hands!! for us this is just a way of living I think not everyone realizes that! Heather x

  10. There are a couple of 'naked' hangers in the wardrobe I think which could do with prettyfying.
    Might also add some lavender bags, love that scent.

    We always had covered hangers and lavender bags in wardrobes and drawers when I was a child. Fashions always come around, don't they?

  11. I was so pleased to hear about William, I hope that the rash goes soon and that he is back to full form. For some reason when I started reading this post I thought of your monsters quilt, I can't remember if you had finished it yet? Anyway, I digress. I don't think that you have too much time on your hands, it just shows how well you use the time that you have so creatively and don't sit and do nothing, you get on and create things! I hope that you love your new hangers - although I am not sure about that folding one, they always creeped me out too!! xx

  12. You are blessed to have time on your hands, thats how retirement should be. As a crafter there is no such things as too much time we are very positive people in the main and every minute of crafty goodness is relished. Im checking my messages but one eye is on the blanket I am knitting as I really want to finish it today. Ginny xx

  13. I agree wholeheartedly! I love to take my time and now that I'm retired I can and I have never been so happy! I never was in a hurry but the world was which made it difficult for both of us. LOL! No more multi-tasking for me....I take mt time and do things thoughtfully and totally absorbed in the moments. Good for you!!! Love the hangars. I have some I'm going to turn upside down, turn the hook and use as hooks on the wall....saw it on Pinterest. You go girl!

  14. I'm not very crafty but love to see things others have made, you're so clever to firstly be able to come up with an idea and secondly be able to do it!
    Everyone's different I guess, by the way I often feel like the chalk in a very cheesey household!

  15. What a fab way to prettify coat hangers!

    Poor William, hope the rash heals up soon so that he can get into the pool.


  16. These are cute! Much improved! I like the variagated look of the yarn.


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