Saturday, 31 May 2014


Since we came back from Spain life has been great, but incredibly hectic. Family moving,friends visiting,and people to see. A 90th birthday to celebrate and enjoy. Every day has seemed packed from beginning to end.

We have welcomed our youngest daughters boyfriend into our home. It is his first visit to the UK as he hails from South Africa. Having them stay for ten days has allowed us to get to know each other properly and it has been so,so special. They seem so happy and that's all you want for your children.. Good health and happiness.




The house has come alive again as we have barbecued,partied and had fun. And you have got to say you approve when he brings gifts of yarn after going to a little town near us to have a look around.

How amazing is that. That little gesture got him top marks I can tell you. Oh! And there was a bottle of Spanish brandy for Andy!




I have only managed a few lines of knitting. Simple hats. A pattern that requires no concentration but I'll be ready to welcome two babies expected later in the year.

Today all the menfolk have travelled to Twickenham for an annual jolly to see the Rugby.

So,I have had a quiet few hours. Hours to catch up with emails,messages,blogs,and best of all my new sewing machine. Bliss.

I have had this little tagging idea in my head for a while now helped along by my love of Pinterest.

I have some old gardening books and with a snip,snip,snip and a stitch stitch stitch I made these little seed pouches.

Big ones for collecting runner bean seeds for next year.


And smaller ones for shaking flower heads into. Poppies, Love In A Mist and Violas.

By using the picture pages and folding them up to make a pouch you can then prettify up the pouches and write the name of the seeds you have collected and the date on the flap.
The new machine has an automatic tension adjuster and seems quite happy sewing these pages into sweet pouches.



It seems ages since I have made anything for my local charity shop, Hannah's which does so much to support disadvantaged and disabled youngsters. So I am going to make a few more sets of these and tie them up with gardening twine.

Then I got my luggage labels out. Boring and brown and I just had fun. I sat with my tray on my lap and fiddled away. I sat and listened to all the chatter. To the plans being made for meeting friends and going out and about.

It was perfect. I love being around young people as I honestly believe it keeps you young. I try very hard to just listen and I realise that they might still be my children but they are all grown up and have ideas and plans all of their own.

So here we have it.... all tagged up! Some labels,some pages. And me and my sewing machine!




Then I cut the labels cut into three lengthwise and crafted them into a pennant shape.

Decorate with colourful tape and restring with Bakers twine.



And then adding a variety of little things from my crafting boxes.

Wooden buttons,old maps,little toppers, paper flowers and little scraps of lace and buttons.

Prettifying at its best.


I have made up assorted packs and will take them into Hannah's next week. Every penny counts.



And whilst all this has been going there has been good news of William. He is enjoying swimming and beginning to gain confidence with walking. To see him smiling,free and happy has been the best tonic of all. To see him sitting up at the table and playing after 7 long weeks on his back has made me so happy.

Last weekend they had a weekend away together to celebrate their wedding anniversary. If anyone deserved a break they all did.

As always thank you so much for all your kind supportive comments. You make my days special.





  1. Love the tags! May do some myself

  2. The projects are so cute. I'm glad you've been having a good time lately, Linda. Great news about William.

  3. I love all your crafty projects.. you're so creative! I do hope you make it to my blog today, I posted a tv news segment where I was interviewed about the bridge re-opening at Multnomah Falls! I'm just thrilled to see little William up and around and have little boy fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You are so creative Linda the tags are lovely, i'm glad you are having such a lovely time with your family and that little William is up and about again. :)

  5. I'm loving your labels and seed packaging, as well as happy family news, especially William's wonderful progress - thank you for sharing it all with us Linda. Have a great week, and enjoy that lovely new yarn - what a thoughtful young man he is! Xo Joy

  6. You are so right about wanting good health and happiness for our grown children! I love your seed packet idea, and the labels are terrific. I would buy them if I went into the shop. The picture of little William smiling and looking so happy made me smile and feel happy. :-)

  7. Such a lot of happy times - and I loved the tags you have made.

    such brilliant news about young W, it must be such a relief.


  8. Your lovely makes are so pretty Linda, they will be very well received I am sure, the seed pouches will be especially useful and a great way to give a gift of some seeds to a friend. Glad that you are having lots of fun since you got home! xx

  9. Hey Linda,
    Good news about William, and lovely pics too. I love your seed pouches very much, and will be borrowing this idea for seed gifts from my garden.
    Leanne xx

  10. Great tags, Linda! Those seed pouches are a really good idea. I'm glad you're having fun with your sewing machine. Yay for such good news about wee William!


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