Monday, 5 May 2014

Back in the Uk.

Our Springtime visit to Spain has come to an end. We were sad to leave. To leave the sunshine,leave the warmth,leave our friends and leave our life there is often hard.But, we have another life. A different life. And we feel blessed to be lucky enough to enjoy both so much.

We went for a walk today. A walk to blow away the cobwebs of travelling. A walk which highlights these differences.


The blackbirds were singing there hearts out.

The rooks were were so,so noisy.

And the blue tits darting among the light Spring leaves of the elms.


Turre,our little village in Spain is near the only desert area in Europe. Devon is in the South West. It's green,it's verdant and it's quite often bathed in raindrops .The prevailing westerly winds often make it wet.

It did not rain today as we walked but my goodness you were aware of the new growth everywhere.

New leaves.



Spring flowers.


And rivers.

It was truly beautiful.

Come walk with me.


And here's a little close up look.

We looked anew at a landscape so different,so beautiful and so full of promise for a lovely summer.

By choice we take steps we have taken ever since we have been together.

Crossing the little bridge spanning the River Lemon.

I have been coming to this very spot for nearly 50 years and it never fails to delight me.



Happy memories of playing Pooh Sticks when our children were little.





Dandelion clocks already .


Devonshire Violets.



Wild Garlic.
Banks of bluebells under the canopy of the trees.


And Devon lanes to lead us homewards.


Springtime perfection.




  1. Ah, this is tooooooo beautiful, I want some of what you're having, lovely Linda, especially the bluebells and the sparkling water! Welcome back - it sounds like you've settled back in already - everything looking fresh and new and yet .. .. .. familiar and much loved. Enjoy! Love, Joy xoxo

  2. I am so glad that you are back safe and sound and that you had such lovely sights to greet you on your return! I expect that you really appreciate the difference in how things have grown when you go from one place to the other far more than if you saw them every day, so that makes life lovely doesn't it! xx

  3. I'm glad your UK home is so pretty and inviting for you so it's not so hard to leave your Spanish home. Everything looks so pretty and lush.. same as here!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Welcome back to the UK - your photos show such a beautiful place to live here. But I cant blame you for missing Spain...


  5. Welcome back to the UK. No matter how warm the sunshine in other parts, there is nothing quite like an English Spring!

  6. My mum flew to Spain on Sunday, and we are off in July. I love it. The change of pace of life, sunshine, and different friends, but there is always something special about coming home. And England really is quite beautiful at the moment - well, if you ignore this mornings rain! X

  7. Welcome back Linda, your pictures are beautiful especially the bluebells. :)

  8. I'm sure the difference between your home in Spain and your home in the UK must be quite jarring when you go from one to the other. They are both beautiful places, but in such different ways. I'm glad you were able to get out for a walk and become reacquainted with the green spaces.

  9. Fabulous pictures and words that describe it all so well, well done! Lovely post. Enjoy your time together wherever you are, it's the journey not the destination that matters. Best wishes Mary at shirleygoldendoodles

  10. Thank you for visiting me...your images are so lovely. I just would love to see those bluebells in person. Happy May to you.

  11. Welcome home, your photos are gorgeous

  12. Hopefully we will have some fun playing pooh sticks with William in the summer! Lovely photos, very green!

  13. Your walk sounds wonderful and the images you have captured transported me to Devon. Nice to have you home lets hope some sunshine follows you soon. Sue x

  14. Such a lush and beautiful place to return to, and to call home. Thanks for the lovely walk.

  15. Such a pretty part of the world.

  16. lovely, I haven't been to the woods for a while! I haven't seen the wild garllic yet, Heather x

  17. Looks like a wonderful area to walk. So green, lush, and pretty.


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