Friday, 2 May 2014

A Birthday.

The sun was shining over the mountains when I opened the curtains.



A romantic gesture started the day in such a special way.



And then it just got better.

We visited an area of the Cabo De Gata Natural park about an hour away from our village. It has flamingos in salt lakes there. So I dressed in pink and was ready to stand on one leg to encourage them to come close


It was such a beautiful place to visit.


What an amazing sun bleached house. Totally deserted now but it could tell so many stories I am sure!


We wandered and sat. We looked for the flamingos and we watched the world go by. I loved the fishing boats and the old houses. The abandoned works of the salt processing plant.




The boats on the beach could tell a few stories too! I so enjoyed snapping away with my camera and trying to remember all the tips I had last year when I was lucky enough to meet a local photographer.



Some Spanish beach restaurants or chiringuitos are famous for their fish and I think this may be one of them.


No menu, just an invitation to try the freshest fish. The catch of the day. Simply cooked and delicous. We have bookmarked it for another day as we were already planning to go out in the evening.



The perfect place for a cold drink though.

A small beer was very welcome and we sat and chatted away with nothing else to do but enjoy ourselves and put our little bit of world to rights.



There are various hides in the area which provided cool shelter

Ceramic plaques showing what you may see.




And there are the flamingos. Luckily we took our binoculars because they were not interested in meeting me. I think November is the time when they are more plentiful and stronger in colour. So, we will go back again in the Autumn and see.



Now, Birthdays are special and yesterday I had so many lovely messages.

Calls from our children and family and a Skype from young William.

His card could not be delivered but it made my day.



And then as the sun was going down on my day we sat by the ocean and ate a super meal. Sometimes one day can be so special. Mine was.



Before I leave I would like to say a special " Thank You" for all your encouraging comments about The Little Yellow Duck Project. What a wonderful initiative and the is one peeping on my needles right now.

I think the biggest decision will be where to set him free!





  1. Happy birthday Linda! what a lovely place to be, so picturesque. It looks deeply relaxing there by that beach! Beautiful, and a sweet card from William, bless him. Heather x

  2. Happy Birthday!! Looks as though you had a great day and I love the card from William! How amazing that you can go and visit flamingos, what a wonderful sight, and I love that you dressed to match - you look very nice too! Hope that you have just as good a weekend. xx

  3. Happy Birthday Linda, what a beautiful place it looks like you had the perfect day. :) xx

  4. Happy birthday Linda! It looks like you had a wonderful day.

  5. I'm so happy for you that your Birthday was so special, Linda - Happy Birthday wishes again! So sweet that you could see and speak with William, and what a delightful card! It's a pity the flamingos didn't come a bit closer to see you looking lovely in your pink gear, but sounds like you had lots of excitement anyway, and your pics are lovely - I imagine the sun-bleached house is quite a landmark in the area! xo Joy

  6. What a special day from start to finish! So glad it happened on your Birthday. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Linda!! Loved the photos.

  7. Happy birthday from me too, what a wonderful day you had.

  8. A very happy birthday Linda, and what great ways you found to celebrate!


  9. Happy Birthday Linda. What a lovely place to celebrate your birthday!

  10. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* -- sorry I missed this post.. we've been so darn busy with our bus tours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Glad you had a lovely birthday! Was flicking through photos of the last year or so and there were some nice ones of your birthday last year in Newquay! Glad you liked Williams card!
    There is a place called ras al khor wildlife sanctuary where you can go and see flamingos, we are yet to try it so we will see if it's any good for ur next trip here in Dubai. X


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