Monday, 14 April 2014

Shopping in our village in Spain. And baby bibs.

I have said many times before that the day we stopped comparing our lives in Spain and our lives in the UK was the best day ever.

Actually nothing equates. There is no comparison.

To try and balance the two devalues both.

I have the loveliest friend. She is English, we worked together, we shared an allotment in the Uk and now she lives only ten minutes away from us here in Spain. She said when we moved to Spain " you are so lucky having both parts of your life"

And her wise words have proven to be so true.

Now, I really do love a simple life. I really do. And our life in Spain is simple.

Let's look at shopping. I love the markets . The vegetables are amazing. The fruits too. We love wandering around the markets. They bustle,they thrive and I love feeling a part of all that.

Then if we think about retail therapy. Well that puts a different perspective on things. In the Uk there is a plethora of shops. I don't think there is anything you can't buy. And you are tempted by a lot more.

Here we have Super Turre . The most amazing shop in the whole world.

To be honest in our village there is only really one shop and it's Super Turre. It's an Alladins cave where you can find anything and everything you need. You may have to look really carefully sometimes!

Sapin I don't believe belongs to the same EU as the Uk. By the tills at about pushchair height are boxes of caustic soda. And in the gardening area there is compost for Cannabis. Not what usually assails you in Asda or Tesco.

I went in today and there were some micro fibre cloths amongst the candles ... Well why not and I bought some. I really did not need any but who could resist such pretty mico fibre cloths...not me!!

I bought them home, looked at them and thought... Micro fibre. Good for mopping up .. Mopping up .. Spills and dribbles.

With a snip and a stitch a bib was born. No ordinary bib. The front a micro fibre bib .. The back the softest upcycled shower curtain. Here we have the first. Very 1960's flower power.

The second looks really pretty in minty green.


And for the boys. It's a shame they don't have cars,buses or dinosaurs on cloths.

But at least this isn't flowery.


That's what I love the most. When life is simple ..... You think the hardest. And at fifty pence for each cloth these bibs are really economical to make. And babies need a lot of bibs if I remember rightly!

If you would like to make one I found the pattern on this lovely blog.

I just want to add a special " Thank You " again for all your kind wishes for our Grandson William. They have helped both Andy and I so much.

The X-ray yesterday showed that the bone had remained in its rightful position with the second cast made from fibreglass and healing is beginning. An enormous relief for his Mummy and Daddy and all William's family.

So now it's a waiting game until he gets the cast off, but at least things are looking up. I am, resolutely ignoring Google at the moment. On googling the problem of being constantly signed out I find I am not alone. I am among a very large number of frustrated people having the same problem. I hope you never join our far from merry band!


I opened the curtains this morning as the sun was rising over the village here in Spain and my heart felt lighter.



And our daughter must be feeling the same in Barcelona. What a great photo by the coast this morning.


I am off to Yoga now. One of my favourite times of the week. And a time this week to be thankful.



  1. I'm glad things are looking a bit brighter, and that William's leg is healing. Thanks for the link for making those bibs. What a great idea!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that William's recovery is on track and he soon will be all better! Your markets in Spain sound just divine. Your bibs turned out wonderful.. who are you making them for? I'm off to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, then on to swim with Gracie!! Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Such a relief that William is on the road to recovery. Loved the bibs, what a clever use of microfiber cloths, we get something similar in Home Bargains, but that shop does sound good.

    I have fallen totally under Spain's spell, especially Granada. There is just something about the place, the atmosphere - of course the Alhambra is beyond any description, but its even more than that...I could happily spend a few months each year there just soaking up the atmosphere and the feeling of the city. Must be the creative side in me (or, as my beloved husband would say, the "arty-farty" side of me!!)


  4. I am happy to hear of William's good progress Linda, it must be such a relief for all of you that his healing is going to plan! I love the bibs, how clever of you and what a bargain! Your pics are gorgeous and especially of your morning sky over there, that is magnificent!
    It's good to look for, and appreciate, the best of what's available to us at any given time, and I like your approach to the different lifestyles between your two chosen countries. Enjoy your warm sunshine and light clear air, cheers, Joy xo

  5. Oh, that is really good to know that your dearest grandson is now recovering. I should say you have a very lovely pictures. Who could resist such pretty micro fiber cloths? I think micro fiber cloths is the most coolest one I've know. The baby bibs really look so nice.


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