Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Our thoughts this week have been a long way from us here in Spain. Our family in Dubai have had the most terrible time. Our Grandson fell and broke his femur and to think of them so far way with so much to deal with has been so very hard. But, even harder for them to see their sweet,active two year old having to undergo two operations and now they have six weeks with him in plaster from his tummy button to his ankle.

So,distractions have been the order of the day. To begin with nothing worked and it seemed impossible to do anything but sit by the computer and think of them.

Hooking! Quiet hooking . Chevrons but I think this will never be a happy blanket. But, time will tell. Maybe it will become the blanket which is finished when William returns to his normal bubbly self.



Words Wilth friends. This online scrabble game has helped so much. My poor sister in law thinks I have been playing like a fiend. I have thanked her for being a good loser and kept on playing. During a few sessions in the wee dark hours it has been good to play people around the world. If you have not tried it I can recommend it.


And Pinterset. Well I have searched and searched random boards but last night after being sent this great photo by a friend I started to crochet a couple of hooky bags.



An excellent way of using up some very harsh,hard,horrible coloured wool.


I am going to use a bit of an old shower curtain to line them. But that means getting the sewing machine out and that might have to wait a while. I am in no mood to argue with it in my usual fashion. But I really am looking forward to filling them and hanging them up to see how it works.

That got me thinking about succulents and of course Pinterest was inspirational.

So, this morning I got out some empty strawberry boxes and made a start.

Filling, building and planting.



It was so bright in the garden I had to retreat to take some photos.

But here we have the sweet boxes in situ.



One of the things I love about succulents is that you can just break bits off and dap them in.

They nearly always grow, and thrive with a good dose of neglect.

They also provide another distraction. A very unwelcome one this time. I carefully held the ear of the one in the centre with some tissue to avoid the tiny hairs which are as sharp as pins.

Then I got distracted and wiped some soil off my hands with the same tissue .

So, removing the hairs from my fingers could take a while.

I am not the only one who needs distractions.

Poor Grandad may not show his concern as openly as me but my goodness I know him so well.


Andy hates painting but I think it has proved a distraction for him too.


Thank you to my lovely followers who have sent such kind messages after my last post.

I appreciated them so much.



  1. That is awful news about your grandson. The poor little guy! I can't imagine how hard it must be right now to be so far away from him. Hugs to you...

  2. Dear Linda.. I am so sorry for William's traumatic injury. I know how sad you and Andy are. It's a good thing to keep busy and this 6 weeks will pass faster. Love your blanket and the succulent plantings. I've been enjoying playing WWF with you.. especially when I couldn't sleep while visiting my daughter! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Poor William! I'm so sorry to hear about his accident bless him! your blanket is lovely, I think ripples are so soothing just the thing to hook when you are thinking of your grandson. I love succulents too I had one of each kind I could lay my hands on when I lived in Syria. :) xx

  4. Hey Linda,
    I'm so sorry to hear about William. Poor chap. It must be awful for him, and awful for you being so far away. Sending you lots of love from St Ives

    Leanne xx

  5. Poor William. I hope he's all healed soon. I'm glad you've kept busy, that's my best way of keeping stress away.

  6. Lots of love to you and William and his Mum and Dad. I hope that you will like the blanket when it is done, I am sure that William would love it as it would be from Granny and he wouldn't know or remember why you made it. Your strawberry box succulent tower is lovely and makes a great addition to your garden, what a clever person you are! xx

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about little William - such a dreadful time for him and his Mum and Dad as well as you and Andy; we really do want to take the pain ourselves when such as this happens to our loved ones and the situation is made so much more difficult by being away from them.
    You are doing so well in your garden Linda, I love the way you've set up the strawberry boxes and plantings but am concerned about your now prickly hands and do hope you've managed to remove those dreadful little things!
    Your blanket is looking lovely and afterwards you can easily order any sad energies to leave and replace them with good - but in any case, the energies you are putting in there meantime are of love and concern for your Little One so it'll be fine!
    Take care and keep smiling m'dear, love, Joy xo

  8. Prayers for your grandson. It must be so hard for you to not be near him. Sometimes it helps to stay busy. Pour all your love into that blanket.

  9. Sorry to hear about your grandson we had a similar experience with my nephew. He is now 25 and has played cricket and football extremely successfully. He was in a lot of pain at the time, but fortunately, doesn't remember. Spend time in your lovely garden.

  10. Thank you all so much for leaving such kind comments. I really do appreciate them all.x

  11. Oh, poor little William! And you must have been very worried by this awful time. I hope the distractions can keep your worry at bay. It's a blessing that children are so resilient, but I know it's hard to be so far away, especially when one of our loved ones is hurting. Keep busy, and work away the worry. Make lots of hooky love.......

  12. I'm only just catching up on missed posts - poor little William! I hope it's not hurting him too much now it's in plaster, I expect he's a lot less worried about it than his parents!

  13. Ah such lovely comments from all your online friends. William is doing really well, hopefully only 1 week left of his cast!

  14. I know you must be counting the hours and days. And then he will be our bouncy bit again xx


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