Monday, 28 April 2014

Big Balls.

A while back I blogged about a sad lady who had to give up knitting because the clicking got on her daughter in laws nerves.

I am so glad I have never met said Daughter In Law.... I know she would have got om my nerves.

I took on the mantle of the bags of wool. It seemed only right to make something for charity with all the small balls.

So. I separated them by shade and tone and wound them into two big balls. I have been hooking them whilst travelling in the car. Hooking them whilst waiting at petrol stations and traffic lights.


And now they are finished two blankets made with love for SIBOL.

One in pretty pastels. Perfect for a lady. All Liliy of the Valley and Pears Soap.



And one in stronger colours. Maybe more suitable for a gentleman. What a lovely word that is. And, I have been lucky to know a few. Linen hankies, a gentle arm. A gentle man.



I wish I knew the lady who had to give away the wool. But, I have a feeling she would be pleased with how it has all turned out. I know I am.



  1. Those blankets will be perfect for SIBOL. You have reminded me that my smaller bits of yarn are slowly building up again.....time for a ball winding session.

  2. You've made two lovely blankets for a good cause, Linda, and I'm sure the lady would be delighted to know what's become of her yarn! Well done you! Love, Joy xo

  3. They both look beautiful and will be very much appreciated I am sure. I am sure too that the lady who had to give up knitting would be very pleased with what you have done with her wool! xx

  4. I'm sure they will be appreciated. I've made some lap blankets recently for a home where a friends mum lives. They were really pleased with them, and it made me feel good too! I'm sure the lady who donated the wool would be happy with the result too. x

  5. They're beautiful, Linda. Anyone would be thrilled to have them. I know they'll find their way to the right lady and gentleman.

  6. The blanket turned out really nice. I missed your original story about that woman. But, I can't imagine giving up knitting because of something so silly. That's crazy! OR That daughter in law was so horribly rude or mean that she had no choice. Although, I still can't imagine doing that. No way! I love and need my yarn and knitting too much! It makes me happy and keeps me sane. :-)

  7. Both of those blankets turned out excellent and they will be loved by someone soon. Do let us know where they go, ok? What a neat idea!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. You done good there Linda Hothook! ;))

  9. Wonderful bit of re-cycling - had it been my D-in-L she would have been told to go and get a life while I continued with the knitting, I always have been a bit controversial tho'.
    They will find the perfect home and bring a smile and some sunshine to the recipients.

    1. Gorgeous Linda they are awesome 2 lucky people will absolutely love them, Anne xx

  10. I think if it were my DIL, she might have found herself on the wrong side of my needles! I'm sure the lady would be very pleased with the way you've used her yarn in giving to others. You've made beauty from her loss. Both blankets are wonderful!

  11. Lovely Blankets Linda, they will appreciated I'm sure. :)

  12. Beautiful blankets Linda and they look really snug. Will that go over some aged knees if so they will love them! Well done! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  13. Oh wow! How wonderful thank you Linda x

  14. Looking good! I'm sure these will keep some laps warm and be much appreciated!

  15. You do such lovely work, Linda, and the blankets are special gifts. Thanks for letting us admire them and for inspiring me with your consistent creative generousityxx


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