Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A tutorial for Handbags for plants.

I am so pleased with how the little plant pouches that I mentioned in one of my posts have turned out.

So,I thought I would write a tutorial about how I made mine.

I was sent this picture by a friend. She knows I love quirky and these certainly are cute and quirky.


The original source of these plant pouches can be found here.

I just looked and hooked. As you do. The best part was using up some of the rough wool in my stash.

Good garden colours too.


Of course I swapped the knitting for hooking.and I hooked away like this....

1.Make a chain of 60.

2. Work a foundation row with a double crochet in every chain. To be honest this is a real... " No worries" project. You can make the pouches any size you like

3. I then joined the rows into a circle and worked rows of half trebles. I used two strands of double knitting yarn as I wanted it to be a fairly solid shape. If you gave more patience than me you could work your rows using double crochet stitches.

4. I added a couple of contrast rows at the top edge and at the base. It just took my fancy to work that way.

5.I then had to decide about the handle.

I knew exactly where the first plant handbag was going so I only needed a simple handle.

So I secured the yarn really firmly by knotting it again and again and then made two strands the length I wanted the handle to be. I fastened these just as strongly on the other side.i then simply worked double crochet stitches all across the strands to make the handle.



The other pouch is for my friend who sent me the idea. She lives up in the mountains nearby and as I don't know where she might hang hers I decided to copy the original idea and add strings. Perhaps safer in the wind too!



6. I lined mine with a double thicknesses of storage bags with a few holes for drainage.

And merrily filled it with ivy.

I chose ivy as I wanted this little handbagfull to grow happily and cover something I don't like looking at!

The sweetest hanging basket I have ever seen.




Some for me and some for presents.

I think they would make brilliant gifts. Housewarming,garden parties or just that occasion when something a little different is needed.

For me in my Spanish garden it's usually succulents all the way but it looks lovely with trailing ivy.

Bedding plants,trailing strawberries would be great too.

What's going to be in your bag I wonder?








  1. I have lots of bare fencing in my back garden and the bags will be a perfect solution! I bought some succulents at a bargain price and split them and potted them on so will have lots to go round. Thank you for sharing a great idea. xx Can tell you are a little more settled now as you are pottering to keep busy. Sending love and hugs x

  2. They're adorable, Linda. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  3. Such a good idea and also great for using up the yarn you don't love very much, I'm sure I can find some that would be suitable for these, thanks for the how to! xx

  4. Great Linda! Kind of like modern day up to date macramé! They would look great on a fence filled with strawberries and out of the way of the insects and things that might want to munch on them! Hope that your friend likes hers. xx

  5. Love this idea, Linda! Not only do they look so cute, but you can also use the stash yarn ;-) I will have to try it one day...

  6. These are a wonderful idea Linda, and you've done a great job with them and the tutorial, for which I thank you! I have a drawer full of yarn that would be suitable for this use - now to organise the time! love, Joy x

  7. You always are making something wonderful! And you make more than one while you're at it! I'm so slow compared to you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. This looks great, and would be a very nice gift for a gardening friend. Happy hooking!

  9. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Linda! This is another project for my want to do list :)


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