Friday, 7 March 2014

What do you do?

I am curious about other people's lives. Blogging allows you to have a little insight into how people live all over the world and I think that is wonderful. I love looking at pictures of far flung lands. Andy and I get the atlas out and find out where people live. I love looking at pictures of places in Great Britain too.

I think about people who may have somewhat parrellel lives to me. I enjoy seeing the places they visit. The things they make. The happy times they have with their families.

Since I have put an email facility on my blog I have found such interaction to be more satisfactory and personal. I actually do think about people and follow the "ups and downs" and "swings and roundabouts" of life in their spot on this globe of ours.

Inspirational blogs fill me with desire. Desire to make and create. Cook and bake. Garden and tend. Decorate and arrange. And live my life in a fulfilling way, which suits me to a tee.

So, where is this post leading, it's leading to my thoughts about a question that is often put to me.

What do you do?

Strangely enough this question is rarely asked about our lives in the Uk. Anyone who follows life here in Chalky's World will know that we live part of the year in beautiful Devonshire and part of the year in beautiful Southern Spain. The day we stopped comparing the two was the eureka day. The best day. The most rewarding day. By the very nature of comparison one is considered to be better than the other. How can you possibly compare two such different lives? In our early stumbly days of retirement, when we were ..

" Living the dream" such comparisons proved counter productive. Instead of living for the day we found ourselves somewhat unsettled. This was true for both of us in both locations.

But, now we really do live by the motto ... "Yesterday is history,tomorrow's a mystery but today is a gift"

Wonderful words which focus the attention on this very day. A day never to be be revisited,a day to be treasured. A day where the only thing of any importance is to live every moment to the full.

So, my answer to people who ask me what we do, is just smile and say we make the most of every day.

Because it is impossible to show people contentment,fulfillment and enjoyment of each and every day.

It does not really actually matter " what you do." What really matters is "how you are."

The question " what do you do?" Would be hard to ask many people and even harder for some to answer.

I wonder how a mountaineer would answer ... Apart from to say they climb mountains.



Or a Buddhist monk maybe.


A poet.


Or a nun.


The list could go on.

Whatever the answer.

All I hope is that you find the time every day just to


Where ever you are , what ever you are doing.

And be assured, I am there right with you.



  1. What do we do? Well, we made the decision to take early retirement and move all the way across the States from California to Georgia. We too made comparisons in the beginning, but not now. Where we are is where we want to be and it feels good.

  2. Hi Linda - as you know I have been hankering after living in North Devon all my life but due to works constraints it would be very difficult. Recently, I have changed my perspective to enjoy the time I have there without getting distressed about the time I am not there. To do this I have found myself a beautiful old farmhouse back home in Wales and I am going to live life to the full in both places instead of only being happy in Devon and spending the rest of the time waiting for my next visit back there. xxx

  3. Having spent far too many years apart due to RN/MN and rigs working practices - we now live for the day - regardless of what it slings at us - most of them are great, so we just grab it and go for it - works for us.

  4. I just say.. "I'm retired." Very thought provoking post!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. A lovely thought provoking post Linda.I like the way you think, and one thing is for sure, we only get one go at this life, its not a rehearsal. I think it must be wonderful to have two special places to spend your time.
    Kate x

  6. Great thoughts Linda. We are human BEings, not human DOings, so we should be, not do all the time! xx

  7. Thought-provoking post, Linda. I say that I'm raising adults. I'm not raising children, because I don't want them to be children forever, I want them to be strong, confident, independent adults, and that starts now. Sometimes I also say I'm "wifing and mothering." I put a lot of time and thought into being good at this, so it's important to announce it proudly because it is exactly what I "do" every day of my life, right? :)

  8. What a great post, really made me think - I'm trying hard to "not sweat the small stuff", life is very precious and sometimes fragile.

  9. What do I do? I fill my days with all my passions, the things I love to do, and be with the people I love, trying to be the best ME that I can. I try to learn something new every day, and give thanks for all the good things in my life, of which there are many, and I try to give back to my community. I tend to my home, my gardens, my heart and my soul. I am blessed.

  10. I hate the question 'What Do You Do?' I always feel I'm apologising for being a stay at home Mum. 'I used to work.' I say, as if that makes it more acceptable! I work bloody hard! Marc is away most of the week, and often longer than that. I sometimes joke that I am a part-time single Mum!
    How do I feel? For the most part happy, satisfied and lucky. But sometimes sad, lost and alone. Like ost of us I suspect.
    A lovely post, Linda. Food for thought.
    Leanne xx

  11. I, as you know, have to deal with what I was - rock chic, party animal and charity worker. I wanted to live in the country and run a craft business. I am now rock chic retired who still plays the radio in the car at full blast when hubby gets out. I am grandma and as for the rest I came to terms with all that long ago. I dont hanker after things any more just happy to get up everyday, care for hubby and make 'stuff'. I no longer care what my old life thinks of me, though the old friends all had an opinion. Im living the hand I have been dealt have no time for regrets and comfortable in my skin. I also thank the gods daily for my friends I have met in this new stage of life who never cease to amaze me - Oh yes thats you Chalky amongst others xxx

  12. Linda, in all my days I want to look for Father God's work in and around me. With Holy Spirit empowerment I want to partner with His work, in Jesus' name and bring glory to Him. Wherever I live, I want to creatively live in Love with those around me, serving and encouraging them. Everyday I want to live giving thanks for God's goodness, His forgiveness of my sins, and His promise of everlasting life, while I stitch, knit, crochet and sketch :) xx


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