Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Visitors and A trip to Carmona!

Everyone may tease me about my love of Blogging,Pinterest,Facebook etc. But, when visitors come its different. Andy and I love seeing family and friends arrive in Spain and the most important thing is for them to rest,relax and enjoy the Spanish way of life for a little while. So, it seems ages since my last post but they have been happy days full of adventures with lovely people.

Andy's sister and her husband wanted to visit Seville. And,we were more than happy to meet them there,spend a few days together and then bring them back to our little village. The best of all worlds... a super city and a little village.

They had never stayed at a Parador. So what a treat to stay in the walled city of Carmona just outside Seville. The government of Spain have restored some of the oldest and most impressive buildings in Spain. The Parador in Carmona being one of the best. It was a14th century Arab Fortress high above the Andalucian Plain. To spend time in a building steeped with such history is a true privilege.

You know you are in for a treat as soon as you arrive.


The fortress was built when the Moors from North Africa held the area. The construction was on the site of earlier fortresses of the early Iberian people and the Carthaginians.

The perfect place for a fortress with a view over the countryside for as far as your eye can see

This was the view from our bedroom window.

Little temptations of what is to come as soon as you walk down the corridors to your room.

The Carmona has a Moorish style patio, wonderful halls with decorated ceilings, balconies overlooking the river below and many other treats.
And this beautiful courtyard reminded me so much of our visit to the Alhambra in Granada when our family visited us before.

I love the the geometric patterns of the tiles on both the floors and windows.
If you are interested why they are so important there is a very interesting article here...


The hotel has wonderful areas where you can sit and relax.

The lights are simply beautiful.

It is hard to choose whether to sit inside or out.

You do not even have to have a vivid imagination to be transported back to an era when this very building would have witnessed bloody battles and warring words!

And the sun shone for us,so we were able to wander at our leisure. But the thought of jumping into an unheated pool in February soon brought us back to reality.
Carmona itself is a beautiful town and we enjoyed wandering the streets and sampling a few Tapas and glasses of Vino Tinto. Well when in Spain, it would be rude not too!



We were even lucky enough to see local school children re-enacting a drama of bravery overcoming evil. It was so loud and energetic.



And the oranges are not just in Seville. There were pretty courtyards with trees laden with fruit . The orange tree is strange because it will bear fruit, new growth and blossom all at the same time. The sweet smell of the blossom seems so distant from the oranges you buy in the supermarket.


We actually caught the local bus from Carmona to Seville. We had a lovely day enjoying city life. But, I always know in my heart I am a small town girl. I loved the small town of Carmona best. I think Michael Portillo might agree with me as a little Spanish bird told me he has a house there too.



  1. A beautiful place to visit indeed, Linda, and so lovely that you could spend time with family doing it! Thank you for the little bit of history associated with the place - always very interesting! Happy days to you, Joy x

  2. You actually stayed in the fortress? It looks just amazing and decadent. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place Linda. We saw a little of Spain a couple of years ago when we visited Barcelona for a few days prior to a cruise, and we all just fell in love with it :) Wendy x

  3. Loved your photos of the parador, have never visited Carmona, but know Seville, my husband's father was born near there.

  4. Wow, what a wonderful place. I would love to stay in a castle. I'm glad you had a nice trip. I hope you're having a great time in Spain.

  5. What an amazing place to visit. Lovely that you had a nice time there with your family too.
    Marianne x

  6. Just lovely! And now on my bucket list!! Terri

  7. Thanks to your lovely post I feel I have had a memorable trip as well, Linda! I'm so glad you enjoyed time with family in such a beautiful place. ...amazing structures and tile work!!! xx

  8. What a fabulous place Linda, enjoy the time with your family. :)

  9. What a beautiful place to stay! Thank you for sharing it!

  10. Hey Linda,
    I have location envy! What a fabulous place to stay. The view across the plain is breathtaking. Does the rain in Spain fall mainly there? ;)
    Leanne xx

  11. Oh my goodness, Linda.. you showed us so many wonderful things! You are so lucky to be there and then to be able to show family around, it's the best way to see new things! Thanks for sharing such historic beauty. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Blog hopped and found you and what a delightful read I have had.. now I want to live in Spain! Love the crocheting too.

  13. Very impressive Linda .......I totaly agree with you the National Paradors are really fantastic places to stay in and they really do live up to their reputation. They are also situated in some of the most scenic and historic places in Spain an the Canary Islands. I often say to Sr P I'd like to tour Spain going from Parador to Parador ......this would definitely have to be one of those stops.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  14. fabulous pictures, what a beautiful place. have been browsing your posts. would love to visit the orange groves, bet it smells wonderful. hefty

  15. What a beautiful place and thank you for the virtual tour.

  16. Such beautiful pictures Linda, I love the architecture, thank you for sharing here today :-)


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