Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fatima's. A Riad high in the Sierra Cabreras.

I can be indecisive about where to go to eat. It can be a hard card to play. If you recommend somewhere you have enjoyed,it may not be the same for someone else. We still laugh with my sister in law, as in 40 years we have only ever left one restaurant and that was one she had recommended.

I am sure you are getting the picture!

So, today with it being Mothering Sunday I could not wriggle out of the decision making process. I could not defer the choice. It has been such a treat to have our daughter and her partner with us.and in return they wanted to treat us/ME!



And they were having none of my usual " I really don't mind" nonsense. Now the men love a local Tapas Bar. I love the local Tapas Bar. The Tapas is excellent. But not Tapas for me today.

I have been wanting to try a restaurant called Fatima's for ages. It is nestled high in the Sierra Cabrera mountain range near us. It is Morroccan in style. My favourite style in all the world. I was quietly so excited.

And the entrance entranced me!

Morrocan,beautiful, and just up my mountain.



And what a treat as soon as you stepped inside the courtyard. The planting fountains,pots and plants.

Simply magical.


I absolutely love the blue of Morrocco.
The blue of the shutters,the pots and the tiles.


Now, when you are being treated you really can not disappear for ages taking photos but this one made me smile. A true chip off the old block. Lindsay was busy snapping away too.

Outside was stunning,but so was inside.
Those tiles.
Those lamps.
Those fountains and plates.


Artefacts and inlay.



Now,surely we should talk about the food...... Well, the best thing was the food spoke for itself.

I have already left my My Trip Advisor review it was the best you could give.



The service was great.

I loved it ... ALL!


Well of course we had to leave.

Leave the art.



Leave the architecture.



Today, I loved being a Mum.

We also had a great phone call from our youngest daughter and a great Skype from our son,daughter in law and young William.

Absolutely perfect.

And we will return to Fatima's on another special day soon.



  1. Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful bloggy friend! It looks like a perfect place for a special time! I do love shrimp and avocado.. what else was on that dish?
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you, lovely Linda! This looks like a wonderful restaurant, I'm glad it was so nice for your special day. I know just what you mean about choosing a place to eat; we dine out so rarely it's super-important to pick a good place! Your meal sounds delicious and the company wonderful too.

  3. Well really, everything seems just perfect - and utterly beautiful - and with the best company and luscious food what else could you want! A bit late to wish you Happy Mother's Day Linda, but I'm so glad you had one! Love, Joy xo

  4. A belated Happy Mothers Day to you Linda! And what a fab one you had!

    As you can imagine from my recent posts, I am totally in love with Spain and all things Moroccan - and that restaurant would be right up my street!

    Cant wait to go back again, I am hoping next time to visit Seville (but a short divert to Granada will be needed too I think....)

    Have a lovely week, Helenxx

  5. It looks beautiful! I'm so glad that you got to go to such a lovely place and that it was as good as you hoped it would be, it is lovely to be treated and for it to be so good isn't it! xx

  6. It looks lovely Linda what a beautiful place, I'm glad you had such a lovely treat for mothers day. :)

  7. I'm so glad you had such a lovely day. The restaurant really does look amazing!

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous place, lucky you!

  9. Wow, what a special place, and you saved it for a special day. It looks beautiful, thanks for the tour! x


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