Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Days come and Days Go. Make the most of every precious one.

Our youngest daughter, Briony, arrived last Thursday with her friend Bex and her son Harry. Harry is 18 months old and delightful. Bex and Briony met a long time ago in Thailand and have recently met up again in Barcelona where Briony has loved getting to know Harry.


There is something very special about spending time with little ones. To see new adventures through their eyes helps to make you feel young again I think. He was a good boy,a sweet boy,a gentle boy, a chatty boy,and, we really enjoyed having him to stay with his Mummy.


And then the next day our daughters partner arrived from America where he had been working. It was so lovely seeing her set off full of excitement to pick him up from the airport. They have been together for a year now but because of work they have only spent two months actually together. But that separation ended this weekend. They have now got a job together and their happiness was palpable. What else do parents need but to see their children happy and well.

Of course I quietly watched,of course I listened, of course I did some thinking. BUT we really liked Bernie. He is from South Africa and yet it might seem that he had been brought up by friends nearby. I listened to him talk proudly and lovingly about his sister,his parents and his grandparents. All good in my book. I saw how he was with little Harry. Patient,happy,fun and kind. I saw how he was with us . Interested,happy to be with us,generous and content to just "be"

But what was the best,the very best was how he was with Briony. He looks straight into her eyes when they are talking. He listens to what she has to say without interrupting. He smiles at her all the time. He keeps her close whilst they are watching films and he shares his breakfast with her! I watched quietly but with a very happy heart.

The sun shone on the beachfront bars. The sea was blue and sparkling.




So, we have met Bernie. We were so happy to welcome him. And now they have gone. Harry and his Mummy.



And Briony and Bernie.



My goodness it seems quiet this morning. But a good kind of quiet. A calm,reflective kind of quiet. A happy contented kind of quiet,because we have met Bernie and we really like him.

They want to make each other happy... And that's all you need really.... In my book.



And you, my lovely followers helped me this weekend. Your words of encouragement made me more confident that all would be well. And, it was. Thank you so much x x x



  1. What a lovely Post! I can just feel your happiness throughout this whole Post. I can't even imagine my kids having boyfriends/girlfriends yet but I agree with what you say about wanting your children to be happy and healthy. It's so nice to see some more photos of you and your gorgeous family - Bernie sounds like a keeper. I wish them all the best! Happy times :-) Mel x

  2. I'm so glad, Linda. He sounds wonderful and I wish them all the best.

  3. You are blessed indeed and well deserved xx

  4. Hey Linda,

    I guess that's all we want in the end. Happiness for our children. I have loved seeing photographs of you and your family. And I am very envious of those blue skies. St Ives has had some blue today, but it is set to turn. Again.

    Leanne xx

  5. It just had to work out well - you get that with loving giving family members and friends - and I'm so happy for all of you. Your post is beautiful Linda, and so nice to see your lovely pics, thank you! Life is good!!! Love, Joy xo
    PS The sweetest little boy xxx

  6. I'm glad it went well for you Linda I new it would, what a lovely couple they make, and you are so right it makes your heart sing when you see that your family are happy. Lovely photo's and memories to cherish for always. :)

  7. Linda, you must have raised your daughter very well - it's so important to choose a quality person to be with you. I'm so happy to hear this news.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I'm so glad the weekend went well, Linda! You had such lovely guests ...extending your loving family :) I am celebrating with you! xx

  9. You did indeed have a precious weekend, and I'm sure your joy was felt by the whole family.

  10. What a perfect weekend for you all


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