Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A tale of two weekends.

Last weekend we drove high up into the mountains nearby to a little village where some friends live permanently.

To say they have found their utopia is probably not an understatement .

And we are lucky enough to be able to spend time there too. There is an event which I call Balsa snorkelling. It involves clearing the Canya from the water depository. Andy is always happy to help.


Water is so precious here in this, the only semi arid desert area in Europe And clearing the Balsa is important. What a transformation.

Now, while all this was going on I wandered around this special Cortijo with my camera. I would like to devote a whole post to it soon. Casa Algarrobo

The house of the Carob tree. But, just now a snippet will have to suffice.

It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited and I love it.

The sun shone and the sky was so blue. As blue as cornflowers.



I sat on the swing on the Olive tree branch for many,many minutes just breathing,not even thinking, just being.


This weekend is going to be another very special one for us. Our youngest daughter is visiting us from Barcelona where she has been living since last September. She is bringing a friend,Rebecca who she met when she learnt to Scuba Dive in Thailand. And, now Rebecca has a little boy called Harry so they are coming too. We shall love it. And more than that we love the fact that our children want to bring their friends to see us.

I think we will have to run along the beach here too.

But my tummy is fluttering, a bit like a butterfly because on Friday evening our daughters partner is flying to meet us from America. He is from South Africa and getting a visa into the Uk is difficult so he is coming here to Spain to meet is for the very first time.

I know it will be fine. I know we will like him. I am sure he will like us.

But, you just want things to go well, not perfect, just right. This may be the beginning of a lovely relationship where we welcome another special person into our family.

So, the cookery books are out. The recipes chosen. The treats made and we have so much to look forward to.

They look so happy together. And as parents that's all we ask. That our children are happy. Other things, of course are important but happiness and health are the ones to cherish.


So quieten down butterflies,nerves go to sleep. We're meeting Bernie and everything else can keep!




  1. It does look like a beautiful place. Love the swing in the olive tree. We had olive trees when we lived in California and my husband made olives every year. You're so right about wanting health and happiness for our children. Your daughter and her partner look like a beautiful couple.

  2. I love seeing posts about your time in Spain, it looks so beautiful there. How nice to have your daughter there now too. Her partner is cute! They make a lovely couple. I am sure all will go well and you'll have a wonderful time with him. Relax and enjoy yourself, he will love you and vice versa. :)

  3. Oh Linda calm those nerves and quieten those butterflies he will love you how could he not. You will have a wonderful time x

  4. What a beautiful place such lovely photo's, how lovely Linda you are going to meet Bernie! I would have butterflies too but everything is going to be fine and you will love him because he is such a special person in your daughters life, have fun and enjoy. xxx

  5. Your daughter is GORGEOUS. Congrats on all the fun family visits.

  6. Thank you so much ... You are a lovely lot. I know we will have a lovely weekend x

  7. You are having such good times Linda, and the weekend will be wonderful too - what a lovely looking couple they make! I do understand your butterflies though!
    Water is such a precious commodity and so good to see such work going on in order to preserve it - and I love the swing in the olive tree! Happy weekend to you and your loved ones, Joy xo

  8. Hey Linda,

    Sitting on a swing and just being...I need some of that.
    I'm sure that you will have a ball with family, friends, partners and little ones. Have fun!

    Leanne xx

  9. Fabulous photos, Linda! Looks like a peaceful spot perfect for contemplation.
    I'm sure the visit with Bernie will go very well. He and your daughter (gorgeous young woman!) make an attractive couple. You're right--health and happiness are the two most important. Relax and enjoy the weekend!

  10. I'm glad that you are having a great time and I hope that your family reunion/meeting goes really really well for all of you - I'm sure it will, what's not to like!! xx

  11. Oh my.. big news.. sweet daughter is bringing him to meet mom and dad. I am sure it will go wonderfully. I'll be thinking of you all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. So exciting and lovely, Linda! Wishing you and yours a happy visit, and thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of the special part of the world that you are enjoying...ahhhh the swing!!!!! xx

  13. What a lovely place to spend time and what a wonderful weekend you're going to have, I'll be wondering how it all goes, come back to tell us soon. Enjoy!


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