Friday, 21 February 2014

We have been busy!

We have owned our little town house in Southern Spain for ten years now. These retirement years seem to only have 265 days in each one. They definitely pass more quickly as you get older.

Ten years! How did that happen.

I rarely change things. I love things that are familiar.

And, I love the memories that are linked to things we choose to have around us.

A lemon tree was growing in our front garden when we bought the house.



So was a Jasmine.



They loved the sun so much that they grew and grew and grew.

Every time we arrived the first job on the list was to deal with the trees.

They had indeed become trees.

And,anyone who has got up close and personal with a lemon tree must have come to realise they have very vicious thorns which are hard,if not impossible to avoid.

Pruning became a dreaded task.

The lemons took umbridge and started being dry and pithy.

The Jasmine was full of dead wood in the centre and was taking up half the garden.

They did not respond well to the comings and goings of our somewhat nomadic lifestyle.

So, drastic action was needed.

First the trees were taken out.

Second the walls were covered with stone to cover up the peeling paint and cracks.

And then the nice part began. We have some lovely friends here who were kind enough to raise some cacti and succulents for us.



It was the best home delivery service ever!
Some foraging in the nearby river bed provided the stones we needed.


The sun was shining gently yesterday. Warm and soothing.

It was not long before there was a little bit of placing,spacing and arranging.




Of course debating,discussing and rearranging.





We gave old favourites a new environment where they can hopefully grow and flourish.




And started a little nursery pot to replace them.



We work slowly.

Looking,checking,discussing and comprimising.

Accepting that it is best to work with local materials.

And,by the time the sun was beginning to set bringing the gentlest orange glow to the garden, we were done.

The end nearest the house the Yin.. Unchanged and settled.




And the other end, the Yang.



All new and ready to flourish.



I hope.

I would just like to end with a " Thank You" to all my lovely followers who take the time to leave comments here at " Chalky's" it's so reassuring that the only time I find myself talking just to myself is actually by choice not design.



  1. This looks so wonderful and relaxing. Just what you need at this time of year especially when the weather is grim here. Enjoy the days and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  2. You did well to miss our dreadful winter weather. Your garden looks like it will thrive in the sun.

  3. It looks great, Linda. This is the same kind of landscaping we do here in New Mexico, which must have a similar climate. We probably get colder in the winter here though. I'm so happy to see a lemon growing on your tree! If it didn't get cold in winter, we could have citrus or avocado trees here.

  4. I learn so much on the pc - I never knew lemons had prickles! The new garden looks lovely, all grown with love for you and Hubby and planted so beautifully. You have given me a little sunshine on a cold wet manchester evening. xx

  5. Ah, a huge transformation for your home-away-from-home garden - it's all looking very much in order and I'm sure those plants will grow beautifully for you Linda. such a shame that you had to lose your lemon tree but they don't last for ever - and now you have easy care and no pruning. Good decision for the situation. Enjoy, it looks great!
    Hugs, Joy x

  6. Hi Linda, my friend. How nice it is to see how lovely your new cactus garden is.. and we got to enjoy it without the planting and rock hauling part! :-) You did a wonderful job!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Your new garden looks lovely Linda and it will be self sufficient while you are not there! It is so fitting for the setting as well which is nice. Hope that you enjoyed making it and will enjoy looking at it! xx

  8. Certainly your new garden will be easy to maintain even though they have prickles! With all the heat and sun in Spain, they should flourish. Love the rocks! I think all gardens should have lots of rocks.

  9. Little Son and I love cactii and succulents. He has lots and lots of them and I have one that my Grandfather gave me 42 years ago still going strong. Its like a lasting connection to him. Little Son was really excited to see you being able to grow them outside. Enjoy your warm days. xxx


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