Sunday, 2 February 2014

The best Tah Dah! Mack and Mabel you are a star!

When I woke this morning I was still feeling disgruntled about my three corner blanket. I read the new comments. Oh my goodness I am so glad I did.

Julie from the lovely blog Mack and Mabel had literally thought outside the nine dots. Pop into her lovely blog.

She had seen how to solve my problem in quite a revolutionary way. I understood her thinking straight away. I was so excited to get the scissors and make a big slash on my blanket.

I did not even have to be brave.


I cut it where the corner should have been.



And I started very nervously,tentatively. But soon I gained confidence and could see that it was going to work. It felt a little bit like darning.

Oh, I can not tell you the joy I felt at actually just adding trebles to put everything right instead of ripping out a very large border and starting again.



Of course I realise that my mistake was caused by working in the confines of the car. Of course my master plan of wanting every square a different colour added to the problem. Never again. I will always take an easier route in future.

But look. Julie's idea worked. And I was soon just filling the space I had bodged!


To see a corner appear made me want to sit right down and finish this three cornered blanket. And I have. Row upon row. Gently teasing the ends out. Securing the joins and hooking away.

The best Tah Dah! A completed blanket with four corners.


I know where the joins are, but, Crochets forgiving nature makes them more or less invisible to "that blind man on his galloping horse" that I have blogged about before.

So, my latest Lappycuddlyghan is finished. I love it, and even though I made a mistake I have learnt so much. Yes, the technical way to overcome a massive blunder in crochet. I also concentrated for the first time ever on the "Join as you go " method. And, I have got it that cracked now. And I love it.The sweet little stitches that show as you join. The blanket looks neater somehow,more settled. More complete.

But more importantly than all of those things is the love and generosity which abides in Blogland. My followers left such kind, sympathetic comments about my three cornered blanket and Julie was kind enough to show me a way through my dilemma and save a lovely blanket from either the bin or a long stint in the cupboard of doom under the stairs.

I woke to glorious sunshine and blue skies this morning. Our first morning in our little Spanish house.


And in our little village there is a charity shop which supports Cancer sufferers in the area. So, in the morning I am going to take this Lappy there as a way of saying a huge " Thank you " for all the good things in my life.


The person who buys it will never know the story behind it but I think it will provide warmth and comfort. Perfect.



  1. I missed your post yesterday but I'm so glad that you have solved the dilemma, well done Julie what a brilliant idea, I would never have thought of it! and well done you on being brave enough to operate on your blanket like that, I bet the first incision was the worst haha you have done a great job Linda and someone is going to appreciate your lovely blanket. xx

  2. I also missed your post about the 3 cornered blanket.. I'm so glad you figured out a way to save it! How nice of you to donate it. Enjoy your warm sunshine.. lucky girl!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I think that you have done an amazing job of rescuing the situation, it looks wonderfully cozy and snuggly, and I hope that whoever buys it loves it! This is a lesson to us all that things that go wrong can be rescued! Hope that you have a great week in the sun. xx

  4. ooohhh that was some brave cutting - I'm glad it worked!

  5. Well Done! I definitely would have been far too scared to cut into the blanket ,but you did a splendid job of making it into a 4 cornered blanket again :O)x

  6. That blanket was so worth saving. The colours go well together. I just looked at the explanation for how to fix it and it's like a different language to me. Well done for understanding it and being brave enough to do it.

  7. So pleased you were able to fix it :-) Could you bring that lovely blue sky back with you when you come back to the UK, please?

  8. I'm afraid I missed your previous post Linda but am so happy that your problem has been solved - I'll go and look at that post now, like the cow's tail coming behind! And how wonderful that you are now giving it to raise funds for such a deserving charity - well done you, kindness personified! Have a great holiday! Cheers, Joy x

  9. Somehow I missed your last post, too, but just went back to read about the problem and now the solution, Linda! I am so glad you were able to save the blanket. I think it is lovely, and all the more so because you worked so hard to make it. It will keep someone cozy! xx

  10. So glad you found a way round it and that it is going to a great cause. I still feel faint though at taking a pair of scissors to some crochet! It is like when I found out that some knitters do a think called steeking which I never ever want to do.

  11. Wow! you are very brave to cut into the crochet fabric. Glad to hear it worked!

  12. Oh my goodness what a brave and wonderful solution, so glad it worked out okay for you, enjoy your stay in Spain Linda x

  13. It looks lovely. You were brave to do it that way and it worked out so well. It's going to be much loved by whomever receives it.

  14. Linda,

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your blanket!

    You asked about multiple pictures on my blog header.
    I use a site called PicMonkey. It's free (although you can pay a small subscription fee to upgrade. I haven't). It's a great site, because you can upload photos, make collages, play around with colours, exposure, effect, texts etc.
    To get the three picutres in a row on my blog, I simply uploaded the ones I wanted and used a layout option on 'cards.' Then it was a case of saving it and downloading it to my blog's layout.
    It is very simple. And it's a fun site too.
    Hope that's of some help.
    Enjoys gorgeous Spain.

    Leanne xx


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