Sunday, 16 February 2014

Orange,Yellow and Green!

We do try and eat a healthy,well balanced diet. We do try to exercise. We do try to drink sensibly. And we will never stop trying to keep up these good intentions.Indeed after Christmas and its celebrations it is almost a relief to eat more of a rainbow coloured diet than the brown chocolately sort.

We never result to faddy, quick fixes and are far too old to usually fall for gimmicky,quick solitions. I remember the results if the cabbage diet twenty years ago. However,that's old wind!

But this little tin caught my attention.



Super Power Green Organic Matcha Tea from Japan. What a mouthful. A sweet lad told us all about it and we bought a tin. There is no doubt it is expensive but a zip of the brightest green felt a very good idea on those January Days.

I researched it. I emailed a Japanese friend about it. I read the instructions and all sounded pretty good. So we started to think we would take a small scoop full every day as instructed. All fine so far. But, then the dilemma . Taken in hot water as a drink was proven to be vile. Apologies to the Japanese as it plays an important role in their beautiful tea ceremonies. Taken in cold water was no better. So, we waited until we went back to the little place where we bought it. Orange juice is the answer. Of course not too much orange juice as that is acidic and not good for arthritis . Oh! The complexities of life.

Here in Spain in the Springtime the orange groves look like forests of shiny green,with colourful baubles of orange and yellow hanging on every branch. The roadsides are littered with fruit and the markets full of people selling kilos of citrus fruits on their stalls. I could wander around the food markets every day. Selecting produce fresh and tasty.

I absolutely love this plate which I was given a few years ago.

I love it empty.


But, I love it even more as the fruits begin to jostle for their spaces. Grapefruits from our neighbours trees.




Oranges from the market.



Gifts of lemons.



And the sweetest clementines I have ever tasted.



So the dispensing of the effacacious amount of bright green tea becomes a little easier.



Little Pom poms of green waiting for a good whisk.



It resembles the concoctions I used to make in the garden when I was a little girl. Rose petal perfume used to look equally disgusting. But the smell to a seven year old was divine!

So there we have it orange,yellow and Green ....Japanese Matcha Tea.


If you find yourself missing the brown of chocolate too much,try this little trick. It works,lasts forever and scents the house so sweetly !


An orange rolled in Orris Root Powder and studded with cloves . You can prettify it with a ribbon but I keep this one in a little dish and it really does help the house to smell sweet whilst we are away indulging in Christmas festivities.

It waits to remind us to think once again about all the lovely things we are so lucky to be able to choose to eat and drink.



  1. Very interesting post Linda. I'd heard of Matcha tea, but never seen it. Is it caffeinated? And the colour looks great to me, but then I'm very into green juices. Love hearing about your activities in Spain. Keep them coming!

  2. I've seen the green tea powder in the health food store but have never tried it. I hope it lives up to its promise, it does sound like a very healthy food. My father drinks green tea and always swears it makes him feel better. That bowl is very pretty and I love how it looks full of citrus fruits. Springtime in Spain must be a bountiful time.

  3. I love your bowl and how it filled up gradually with lovely fresh citrus fruit! Lucky you! We're having a simple day today. Have a great week ahead! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hello Linda
    Such a beautiful plate, I can see why you love it and how wonderful to be able to fill it all with such fresh, bright fruit.

  5. I love your plate. It reminds me of the ones i saw when I visited Turkey. That tea is so bright it HAS to be good for you! Have you felt better since drinking it? I discovered lavemder tea this year. It is so refreshing and although its supposed to help you sleep I find it just makes me feel content and relaxed. xxx

  6. Great plate, and all the better for being full of fruit! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Linda.

  7. I really love your plate, and the fruit, I also love your orange with orris powder and cloves but, and I do apologise my dear Linda, but that concoction representing healthy tea looks like a cup of yuk to me, haha! But I do hope you can become accustomed to it and that it will in fact be good for you - sometimes it just takes time for our tastebuds to adjust eh???? Enjoy your Spanish sunshine, love, Joy xo

  8. Your bowl is so beautiful, and even more so when filled with all of your lovely citrus fruits! Hope that you get on alright with the tea powder! xx

  9. I love the plate loaded with oranges and yellows, but I think I'll have to pass on that green! Though I do enjoy a Moroccan green tea.....


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