Thursday, 13 February 2014

Be careful how you choose your daughter in law!

Actually that's impossible because choosing your daughter or son in law is nothing to do with you really.

The other day a friend gave me a bag of yarn for my charity crafting. In the bag where some balls of Rowan cotton. As well as lots of half finished items beautifully knitted.


Of course I was thrilled and can make very good use of such lovely yarn. But, I was curious. I asked where it had all come from. The answer surprised me greatly. It came from another friend who has had to stop crafting. I was sad about this because I thought maybe she has arthritis or another problem. But, no. She had to stop because her daughter in law did not like her knitting. The clicking needles got on her nerves.

Now, I do remember knitting an amazing bag out of cut up carrier bags. It was knitted on huge needles and the process involved was so noisy it got on my nerves. But, knitting? I have not stopped thinking about this lady and I have felt sad about her plight ever since.

The answer I think is to pick up the mantle. Use her yarn to make something good. Something that will help others. So I am going to make some hot pads for the local charity shop here in the village.

As for me and my annoying hooking and clicking habit I have been busy. I think I would be far more annoying if I did not have my hook and needles. Quietly clicking is one thing but talking through the football or Olympics are hanging offences.

So here we have it. These two Lappycuddlyghans were started on the long journey down to Spain. One a scrappy mixture which I love.




And, one old favourite revisited. Tumbling mitred squares. The blues are such a favourite of mine. Being near the sea has such an influence on my colour choices. Both blankets are a metre square.

Both these are going to be for draw prizes in the area Cancer Charity Spring Draw.

The friend who gave me the yarn is having to visit the local hospital here in Spain with her husband at the moment and when she goes she likes to take baby hats to the special baby care unit. I have been quietly,very quietly clicking away to add to her stash.

Going back to choosing your daughter in law .... I could not be happier with mine. Charlotte,with her lovely blog Sharky Knows clicks and hooks along just like me.

Some of the happiest times we spend together are working on joint ventures so I shall count my lucky stars my son chose her for me as a daughter in law.



  1. I think that you have a lovely daughter in law, who, let's face it would not be averse to clicking needles herself!! It is so sad for this lady that this is the reason that she had to give up knitting. However, at least there is some comfort in knowing that the yarn - and what lovely yarn! - will be well used and will be of comfort and of use to others in your creative hands. Both of your lagagans look good, I especially like the mitred squares one! xx

  2. That's a crazy story. I'm sorry her daughter-in-law is able to influence her own behavior so much, it almost sounds like an abusive relationship! I'm lucky to have a nice mother-in-law and I think we have a good relationship. I know you and Charlotte get along well and I'm glad you have nice times together.

  3. You've been very busy! Your projects look great! I especially like that mitred squares blanket. How wonderful that you got so lucky in getting such a great daughter in law! I'm hoping that my daughter will find a great son-in-law for our family!. ;-)

  4. How sad for that lady - I would be distraught if I had to give up knitting or crochet. Like you, I think I am far more annoying when I am not indulging my habit! She should use wooden needles as I am sure they would not make a clicking sound. I saw an artical from Interweave the other day about a factory in India that makes beautiful rosewood ones. Very tempting but I am quite old school with needles and am still using my Nan's!! (which definitely click loudly) xxx

  5. Your daughter in law is lovely Linda as is her blog, and although I have just met my new daughter in law recently she seems lovely too and wants me to teach her to crochet sometime. What a cheek, I'm afraid if I were that lady I would be clicking ever louder just to annoy! I love your blankets and I would love to make a mitred one it's lovely so effective. :)

  6. We have a friend who told me her husband divorced his first wife because he couldn't stand the noise of her clicking knitting needles!!!!

  7. Such a sad story about the lady who gave up her love for knitting to please her daughter-in-law, how awful that someone took that away from her.
    The yarn is being put to excellent use and those lapghans are marvellous. I see a lot of your comments are favouring the blue mitred squares one and I have to say it is also my favourite of the two as well.
    The baby hats will be put to very good use in the baby unit, I'm sure they can never have enough of these tiny little hats xx

  8. That is so mean. I wonder how that lady actually feels being told she cannot knit anymore. I would have just carried on knitting regardless. Bamboo knitting needles do not make a noise, I use them. Like Linda says I would make sure my knitting got louder!

  9. That story about the daughter in law and the clicking needles is just so sad! I find the wooden ones don't click so much. How awful to make her give up something she loves.

  10. I have to say that lady who gave up her yarn and knitting needles certainly didn't have much backbone! There is no way I would give up my hobby because it annoyed someone so cruel as to complain about my crafty endeavors. I also would suggested wood needles as opposed to aluminum ones. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. What a mean person, moaning about the noisy needles!! Knitting needles hardly make a sound and I feel sad for that lady who had to give up something she loved. Your two blankets are so lovely, the colours of the sea indeed, and I'm sure they'll make someone very happy (and cosy!). x

  12. What a shame for that poor lady. Sounds like there is more than jus the noise of the needles going on as she could change to bamboo needles or crochet but that wouldn't solve the control issue.

    I am sure you will do something brilliant with her wools in her honour. Your makes are quite gorgeous.

  13. The blue in the first blanket reminds me of holidays in Crete and the second blanket has a very good 3-d effect. I might borrow that idea one day.

  14. You have created so many lovely projects, Linda. Your speed and skill and generosity inspire me! I too, feel outrage for the woman who gave up knitting. I know you will put her yarn to good use, though, which somehow seems especially important to me. xx

  15. That's just awful - methinks it's the daughter-in-law that's the annoying one! I'm glad to know that you are taking up the mantle though - well done you, your makes are just lovely.
    Have a happy weekend,

  16. Sounds like that other daughter in law is a bit of a cow! haha
    As always, you are very flattering! And dont worry.. i have been doing some searching on pinterest for a project for the summer for us! ;)
    Like the mitred blanket, love the colours!

  17. What a sad situation for that lady. I would definitely be more annoying without needles in my hand ! I love the mitred squares blanket. I must give that pattern a go sometime. Thanks for sharing :-)

  18. That is indeed sad. Sounds like bullying to me, and I wonder what kind of son would allow it! Turning her loss into a gain for another is a good choice. Lovely lapghans.

  19. I felt so saddened to hear this story poor lady - if she lived near me I would happily "adopt" her as a MIL and she could click away at my house to her hearts content - I hope a future DIL of mine was not horrible ooo I have all this to come in future years.
    You have made some lovely work as always someone is going to be very luck to receive these items
    I really must remember to pop over to your DIL's blog thanks for reminding me
    Hugs as always xxx

  20. I felt so sad thinking about the poor lady no longer able to knit, how unkind of her daughter in law. Knitting and crochet is such a pleasure, I would feel so lost if for some reason I couldn't do either.
    Your makes are lovely, as always.
    Marianne x


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