Thursday, 9 January 2014

You make me happy,you make me smile!

I love the new Rod Stewart album called " Time." He dedicates one of the songs to Penny and it goes" you make me happy, you make me smile."

Last year I loved the weekly photos that so many people blogged about which made them happy.

There was a lovely party going on throughout the year with Jen and so many photos cheered me up on a weekly basis.

I decided to capture the images which are making me happy in 2014. I may not do it every week but it will be like a "best moods " board. A great place to pop back to if the grey clouds threaten.

So here we have it . Number 1!

You make me happy,you make me smile!


1. A Christmas cactus which has cheered me every day. It has been like a ray of rainbow colour as it has rained relentlessly.

2. Rolo pretzels . Heat oven to 180deg. Place one Rolo on top of each pretzel. Two mins in oven. Press pecan nut on top of gooey Rolo and chill 'til set. Guaranteed to make anyone happy .

3. Wristwarmers finished. Yay! A pair.

4. My first contribution to Operation Christmas Child. I am going to try to make 1 thing every week.

Now, I would of course love to join in someone's party. Photo along ,happy snaps convention, but I am such a " Billy No Mates" hopeless Techie, useless broken toed twit that I have no idea how to link in.

But, I have managed to get the 2 buttons I need to join in with Linda in her Crafty Corner for the 2014 Stashbusting Challenge. But now it have to work out how to get my stash busting projects joined in with the fun.

Of course the lovely Linda has sent me instructions which I have somehow manged to delete. And, I am also worried that I may not be following the real ethos of the idea as I am at this moment waiting for a delivery from Black Sheep Wools!

But hey ho!

Welcome to my lovely new followers and, as always a special Thank You to all my lovely followers who left such understanding comments about my bad language after the toe met the stairs.



  1. haha You make me smile Linda, I do like your happy moods board and the idea of the rolo pretzel, but I must resist all things sweet and yummy until I have got rid of the 9 pounds...yes you heard right 9 pounds I have put on over Christmas and there you go you see you managed to link up just fine even without the destructions:)

  2. I like your happy board Linda! I am sure that Linda will let you in on the stash busting - after all, you need to have stash to bust it don't you! Love the finished pair of wristwarmers and the bag/pouch for operation christmas child too. Looking forward to seeing how your stash busting goes. How is the toe? xx

    1. I just realised that I forgot to say, I love the Rod Stewart album you mentioned too and I play it very loudly when I am in the car alone and sing along!! xx

  3. Poor Linda, don't say things like that about yourself! I know how you feel, though. Are you trying to just post a link in the body of your blog post? Just go to the toolbar above the post-writing area and click on the word "Link," a little box will come up. There will be two spaces to type in. You can paste in the link you've copied into the lower one and then type something into the upper one to represent the link, and people can click on it. So if you were linking to my blog for example, you'd paste in the address of my blog, and type in whatever you wanted, like my name or my blog's name. I hope that makes sense. I'm so glad you shared the Rolo pretzels because I just had one for the first time this Christmas, in an assortment package of cookies I bought at the school bake sale, and it was so good but I had no idea what the chocolate part was. I really think these were Rolos too!

  4. Hi Linda! Say - that Christmas cactus is the exact same color as the one I rescued from my mother's room before she passed away. And those rolo pretzels.. yum yum, I want to try those! Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. That's a lovely idea, Linda. I'm missing my weekly happy post, so this will be one to look forward to every week. I love the wrist warmers, and those rolo pretzels look terrifyingly addictive.

    Leanne xx

  6. You are making me smile, too.

  7. Me too, Linda :) I can sooooo relate to your computer adventures!!! xx

  8. Hello Linda, we all need a happy moods board during the winter months I feel, I am wondering when all this rain is going to stop (I am in the UK and it is so wet and soggy here) The techy stuff is a little confusing but I am sure if you persevere you will slowly get the hang of it all. I am always playing around with all the techy stuff trying to work it all out. My darling son-in-law (a very techy computer code writer for software programs) gave me a few lessons whilst he visited and now I have finally linked my humble blog to my google+ page.

  9. Keep smiling! I think those rolo pretzels would certainly make my mouth smile!


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